Who Are The Creators?

At first, there were no cuties. Only the lines of code.

Then the ETH Creator descended upon the cutieverse and gave birth to cutie number one:

Cutie 1 by Sayembara

Many cuties were born since then. The Cutieland population grew with great speed. And then …

The mysterious EOS Creator has joined the game

This creature gave birth to 30 cuties in secret. No one knows where they went.

Then starting with the 31st cutie, it has let out the rest of its children into the world.

Then came the scandalous TRON Creator.

She was a very much anticipated guest.

To everyone’s surprise, she turned to be quite a diva. Ignoring every reasonable option, she chose this cutie as her firstborn.

Is it cutie t1 or is it just a mask?

Could something be done about it after the fact? No. It’s blockchain. And cuties who are already born cannot be put back.

Then, she sent the rest of her beautiful children to journey the Cutieland.

And so three separate camps were born each on its own blockchain.

All three creators have one mission:

Create as many cuties as possible

But there is always a catch.

Cutieverse can hold only a limited amount of gen 0 cuties. Also, to be born cuties need to be wanted by people. So, there is a set amount of gen 0 cuties possible and they stop being born if no one buys them.

All the Creator’s regular children come from one father — Mr. Random. Meaning that the baby can be of any species and has a surprise gene combination. Children range from super rare and breathtaking beauties to cuties only their mother could love.

Cutie t16 going down as we speak

How do Creators put prices on cuties?

The scheme is universal and straightforward. All of the new cuties appear on the market with a descending price.

So that the community themselves can choose whether to grab a cutie early or wait until the price is right.

For example, ETH cuties start with the price of 0.3 ETH going down to 0.1 ETH while TRON ones go from 2500 to 800 TRX.

The witty TRON Creator can also raise the initial price if the market is up, so there is no undercutting.

What do Creators plan for the future?

They plan to one day see all their children play together in a huge world of cuteness.

Cutieneers, which creator do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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