Who am I? What is this for?

Three months after becoming a blockchain developer …

Salamanca, Spain

Who am I?

I’m a newbie blockchain/DeFi developer starting in this September.

To be more specific, I’m responsible for smart contracts and frontend coding, which means Solidity & React.js.

What is this for?

During these three months, I often opened up articles I wrote before (mostly in Mandarin) to search for codes that could come in handy at work, such as Uniswap v2 Tutorial, Uniswap v1 in Vyper, etc.

Writing articles not only helps to organize one’s own thoughts but is also creating a thoroughly commented repository that is beneficial for everyone!

Thus, the main focus of this publication is to record the coding knowledge I learn from work, whether it’s about smart contract languages, such as Solidity and Vyper; frontend coding, such as React.js and Typescript; developer’s tools, such as Git, Truffle, web3.

I’d also be sharing some newbie software engineer working experience without leaking too much information about my work ;)


  1. There are many reasons why codes just won’t work after following my description :( While I always try my best to only put down codes after I test them myself, typos and forgetting to mention the developing environment can be my innocent mistakes :(
  2. English is not my native language, but I aim to get better on it! Do not hesitate to correct my words and provide writing suggestions. I’d appreciate them a lot!
  3. If you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment below! I may not reply fast but I’d try :)




Notes on Frontend + Smart Contract Development

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田少谷 Shao

田少谷 Shao

Blockchain Enthusiast & Developer | https://github.com/tienshaoku

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