Drum roll, please…

After a month of hacking around the world for the Borderless Block Party, the final projects have been submitted, the judges have been surveyed, and the results are in! In order from first place to third:

1st Place: OZcoin, out of MIT

“The goal of OZcoin (OZRS) is to create freedom through fungibility.” Built by Jinglan Wang and Conner Fromknecht, OZcoin built on the “recent developments in Confidential Transactions for ring signature schemes to deliver higher anonymity and perfect secrecy for transaction values.” In addition, OZcoin standardizes transaction sizes, providing a default layer of anonymity for its users. This level of anonymity makes OZcoin more fungible than bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as each transaction indistinguishable from one another. Check out their write up here!

2nd Place: Cryptid, out of RIT

“Cryptid is the next generation of identification.” By allowing organizations to place their memberships on a decentralized blockchain, anybody can quickly and securely manage the verification of existing members. “Utilizing existing standards, such as ISO 19794–2 for our fingerprint templates and AAMVA and ANSI personal information format standards, our system can be integrated with existing software and hardware (fingerprint scanners).” Built by Steven Masley and Dakota Baber, their software is built on top of Factom’s backend, one of the Borderless Block Party’s toolkit sponsors.

3rd Place: ncdns-tls, out of OU

“ncdns-tls uses the Namecoin blockchain-based naming system to verify TLS certificates of web sites without certificate authorities, notaries, or other trusted third parties.” Built by Lead Namecoin Application Engineer and University of Oklahoma student Jeremy Rand, ncdns-tls aims to reimagine the way TLS certificate authorities work on the internet, using Namecoin on the backend for this secure alternative.

Runner Up: SnipBit, out of the Univ. of Iowa

“SnipBit is a bitcoin micropayment platform that brings payments to the browser and eliminates the subscription and paywall problems of the web.” Built by Cameron Schorg, Devin de Hueck, Michael Gord, Sajida Zouarhi, and Alvis Wong, SnipBit allows content producers to monetize their content and users to quickly and efficiently purchase access to articles, videos, and more. Check out a demo video of their platform below!

What’s Next

The Borderless Block Party was powered by BitGo, the world’s most secure wallet. They’ve been a huge help throughout the event, and we at the College Cryptocurrency Network appreciate their support!

We hosted the Borderless Block Party to help showcase the amazing potential bitcoin and blockchain has to disrupt archaic industries and platforms that we take for granted. We’ll be hosting a bigger, better hackathon sometime in the spring for ambitious students looking to hack the blockchain. If you’re interested in participating and meeting other students interested in cryptocurrency, sign up for our newsletter here!