Growth of the Bitcoin Community in KW

As students at Wilfrid Laurier University we, the Laurier BitCoin Club, are immersed in the emerging tech community of Kitchener-Waterloo. The local economic landscape is ripe with successful companies such as Google and Desire2Learn, and has become a breeding grounds for successful start-ups. The technologically proficient community has created demand for businesses and other enterprises to accept BitCoin as a medium of exchange.

Several local enterprises have jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for BitCoin. Local charities have even started accepting donations in the form of BitCoin. Capacity Waterloo is a charity promoting social innovation in the area, and they got the ball rolling by accepting BitCoin donations in 2014. This trend has grown over the past years so that international charities encourage BitCoin donations.

Local businesses have accepted the regions increasing demand for BitCoin, and retailers large and small have begun to accept it as a medium of exchange. Small vendors at the local St. Jacobs farmers market accept BitCoin for food items and trinkets. Starbucks accepts BitCoin for your grande non-fat cappuccino. Even local bars and pubs have toyed with accepting BitCoin for pints and cocktails.

The BitCoin community in K-W continues to grow, and as it does, more and more local businesses will accept the e-currency as a means of exchange.