Welcome to BEN

Do you want to make blockchain real? Would you like to move beyond “internet money” and use bitcoin in your city or town? With real people?

We are witnessing the largest socieo-economic experiment on earth. An ambitious goal to create a global financial and trust network in which anyone and everyone can participate. When comparing the current model of banking and limited FinTech possibilities to a model that represents the openness of the web, which is rich via hyper global competition and specialization — every action towards this goal is worth the initiative.

The Blockchain Education Network is a robust global network of students and youths creating blockchain clubs to impact their local community.

We believe that by empowering and connecting leaders taking initiative to create local change, we create the foundations for a future we believe in.

Familiarize yourself

BEN is a decentralized organization meaning we are local first. We encourage new members to join ben through a local Chapter near you, so that you can meet your peers in person.

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