Surging Blockchain with Immersion in Seoul, South Korea

Daniel Shen
Jan 6, 2019 · 5 min read

How a unique experience can unlock ideas to move into the future. Here’s to unlocking your Blockchain strategy on 8 Jan to 11 Jan in IBIS Styles Ambassador Hotel Gangnam

A novel education program to upscale your blockchain strategy

On Jan 9, 2019, Singapore executives will arrive in Seoul to upscale their Blockchain strategy. The first of it’s kind, the program uses a new modern learning method to produce new results.

What is Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning is however not a new type of pedagogy. The goal of Immersion is to create an environment where people learn by playing. Or learn by doing. It also places learners in the shoes of others, in an attempt to inspire new revelations.

Some think immersion only resides in virtual reality, augmented reality or such. However, as we focus on the experience, opportunities could be more. In the South Korea Immersion Study Trip, a cross-cultural, cross-regional and a cross-industry mix creates a whole new way to engage and create.

The opportunities of Blockchain in South Korea has been immense. As the Ministry of Science and Technology invests 9 million dollars, 6 pilot projects are planned to kick-start the novel technology. People on the street are also well-invested. Estimated 14% of Bitcoin holders belong to Koreans.

Combining Singaporeans and Koreans together with an adoption focus will be surefire ingredients to spark new monumental ideas.

Why Blockchain requires Immersion

Blockchain conferences have been around for years. At all time high at 2017, conferences were going for sky-high prices and for fund-raising goals. Many were not educational. In 2018, as the reality of Blockchain adoption start to show, companies realize that mass education is the way to go.

As several education conferences start to show up in Singapore, many sing a common tune. From basic of blockchain to technology skills, many do not talk about the requirements to unlock business models.

The South Korea Immersion Study Trip is designed to be different. With 5 star speakers with innovative infrastructure and ideas, the objective is to inspire high-level executives with the business benefits of Blockchain.

What Blockchain could give

One speaker in the event Jagdesh Pandya is an established and well-respected figure in the Blockchain world. As a pioneering entrepreneur with business roots, he has a major vision to bring this revolutionary technology to the front lines. He starts by sharing the core building blocks of Blockchain.

Pak, Founder of BlockSpace Asia, will also fire up the conversation with the Blockchain version of curses in Harry Potter.

To create the kind of spark required for a new adoption-ready solution, a new way to create solutions has to be created.

How different industries can team up

The South Korea Immersion Trip is set up with varying types of speakers. One speaker is the Director of ICON Foundation, Josh Choi. With a unique background in ITU (International Telecom Union) a UN Agency in ICT, he fronts Public Affairs. Josh will share more about ICON Nexus.

What’s also extremely exciting is ICON’s success story in their Custom Clearance Platform and Smart City Platform. Both of which will be shared in the event.

Benny Jung, from the Korea Developer Association will talk about STEEMIT. A popular content publishing Blockchain. He will give a unique take on how such a system was created and the tokenization model used for it. Importantly, he will also share some potential downfalls seen in STEEMIT, that should be considered when designing an ecosystem.

An academic take on Blockchain will also be introduced here. Dr Pak, a professor at Gachon University will talk about the Blockchain and IOT Research Lab at the University. One such event that they have contributed was for Startup Weekend Seoul.

After learning basic blockchain in the morning, Dr Pak will share more research-fueled take on Decentralized Applications (Dapp). Dr Pak will share about their latest research work called BIFROST.

A unique take on conflicting requirements of Dapps

How Lightning Speeches can help

Lightning speeches are somewhat a common thing in conferences. However its not as common in training-like seminars. In the South Korea Immersion Study Trip, a hybrid model is adopted where lightning-speed speeches will initiate to trigger sparks of innovation.

Coupled with off-line exercises like training seminars, this combination is expected to establish the highest level of experiential learning.


Travel in an Immersion Study trip could make the experience more interesting. In the South Korea Immersion Study Trip, one of the locations to be explored it he Samsung Innovation Museum. Located within the Samsung Digital City, an innovation museum could trigger the perfect condition for idea generation.

Could Blockchain be here in the future?

Wrapping Up

The South Korea Immersion Study Trip is an event presented by Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS) — a CET institute of Nanyang Polytechnic. With a unique perspective on Blockchain education, this trip is the first one this year in this 12-month program.

The program is organized by Walletton Holdings, an established training and consulting company. Block On Group and Soqqle are premium partners to share in-depth Blockchain expertise.


The Immersion Study Trip will feature 5-star speakers and hosts below. The agenda is now available on Soqqle App!

View the interactive agenda for the 3 day speaker series.

Download here:

Google Play

Apple Store

Or view the flow chart of speakers

Any questions message us at the telegram group!

Blockchain & Emerging Tech Association of Singapore

Blockchain and Emerging Tech Association of Singapore

Daniel Shen

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Blockchain & Emerging Tech Association of Singapore

Blockchain and Emerging Tech Association of Singapore

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