Blockchain for Decentralized Identity

Anita Rao
Blockchain for Decentralized Identity
2 min readJan 29, 2022

In this series called “Blockchain for Decentralized Identity”, I start by explaining the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and its architecture aligned with Trust Over IP. Following that, I expand on each of the layers of the architecture and the standards. Next, I cover the Public Sector with a focus on progress in the EU. Following these, I expand on use cases: Travel, Healthcare, RegTech, NFTs, Social Innovation, the Enterprise, and Education. The Experiences to deliver these use cases use a digital smart agent that enables privacy and trust in the ecosystem. Finally, I close with the Adoption of SSI in the public and private sectors and the Art of the Possible covering the possibilities ahead.

These are intended for people on their journey to implement Self-Sovereign Identity and for those who would like to do more research on the topic. Each subsequent blog post builds on the ideas and concepts of the previous one, hence I would suggest that you read them in the sequence posted. In each section, refer to the Glossary for an explanation of terms and References at the end.

1. Self-Sovereign Identity De-mystified

2. A high level of the Conceptual Architecture

3. Layer 1 — Blockchain

4. Layer 2 — Digital Wallets

5. Layer 3 — The Trust Triangle

6. Layer 4 — Governance

7. Open Standards

8. The Public Sector

9. Social Impact

10. Digital Commerce

11. NFTs

12. dApp (decentralized application) — Travel

13. EU

14. dApp (decentralized application) — Healthcare

15. RegTech

16. Experiences

17. dApp (decentralized application) Education

18. Enterprise

19. Adoption

20. The Art of the Possible



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Anita Rao
Blockchain for Decentralized Identity

Passionate about Self-Sovereign Identity delivered decentralized via Blockchain. Member of Trust Over IP Foundation, W3C, and Decentralized Identity Foundation.