16 Year old led Team to First Place with Working Prototype of Blockchain Vaccination Records Platform

New Blockchain Technology Integra Used to Build BlocVac Passion Project

Aileen Schultz
Oct 25, 2017 · 2 min read

Left to right: David Berger (CTO, Integra Inc.), Camillo Cuadros Parra, Ian Lim, Bijie Zhu, David Fisher (CEO, Integra Inc.)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK 17/10/22 — High school student Ian Lim came to Startup Weekend NY Blockchain Edition, with one purpose — use the unique utility of blockchain technology to build a medical records management platform. He first got the idea after a family medical emergency, that lead to huge issues with medical records as the family member was transferred from facility to facility.

The team, spearheaded by Ian Lim, not only built the platform, but went on to win first place for their solution. BlocVac has ambitious plans, starting out as an immunization records management platform, intending to grow into a complete solution for medical record keeping. BlocVac used a new blockchain platform Integra Ledger as the technology backbone, hosting it on IBM’s bluemix.

The winning teams received a host of business support prizes to help them continue with the growth of BlocVac. In a turn of events at the final moment, Integra’s CEO David Fisher offered Ian a surprise flight and event ticket to MIT’s forum on AI and Blockchain in the law, happening next week at MIT’s media lab.

“I’ve been interested in blockchain technology for the past year now, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out an idea I’ve had for about two years now” — Ian Lim, Ideator of BlocVac

“This weekend I felt like Luke returning from his trip to the dark side as Ian and his team leveraged my company’s Blockchain to provide parents everywhere a better way to deal with the critical area of vaccination records. It is immensely fitting that this effort is driven by an exemplary member of the next generation of innovators.” David Berger, CTO, Integra Inc.

“The amazing work that Ian and the BlocVac team were able to complete in less than 48 hours is indicative of the pace of innovation and transformation that Integra can empower in the legal technology industry, and clearly well beyond.” — David Fisher, CEO, Integra Inc.


Integra Ledger is the blockchain for law — a global utility providing a new foundation for security, integrity, and interoperability of the global legal industry, based on blockchain technology.

Contact: aileen@integraledger.com

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