Say Hi👋 to our new BGA members who joined this month! (Part 1 on March 24th at 4PM CET)

Don’t miss out on Wednesday, March 24th at 4PM CET, for Part 1 of our 12th BGA New Members Virtual Presentation featuring amazing games and services companies who recently joined the Blockchain Game Alliance!

Let’s welcome the new company members who joined us this month: AnRKey X, TradeStars, Crypto Colosseum, GamyFi, TZ APAC, IOI Trade Race Manager, and Star Atlas.

The New Members online presentation is a monthly activity of the BGA to introduce our member’s projects to the community. New members and members who have already joined the BGA who have not presented their games, products or services to the community are given opportunity to showcase what they do. A live Q&A will follow the presentation.

Speakers Agenda

  • 16:00–16:05 A word from the BGA President, Sebastien Borget
  • 16:05–16:15 AnRKey X, J.D. Salbego (CEO & Art Director)
  • 16:15–16:25 TradeStars, Anshul Pareek (Marketing Head)
  • 16:25–16:35 Crypto Colosseum, Topper Bowers (Founder & CEO)
  • 16:35–16:45 GamyFi, Rahul Sharma (Co-founder)
  • 16:45–16:55 TZ APAC, Jacob Pouncey (Research and Adoption Manager)
  • 16:55–17:05 IOI Trade Race Manager, Rastislav Bakala (CEO)
  • 17:05–17:15 Star Atlas, Michael Wagner (Co-founder & CEO)
  • 17:15–17:25 PANEL

Attend the March 2021 New Members Presentation live event

Watch LIVE: Part 1 on March 24th at 4PM CET

About the Speakers

J.D. Salbego, Founder, CEO, and Art Director of AnRKey X, a cutting edge DeFi based gaming and NFT platform protocol, is a global leader in DeFi and crypto, market influencer, speaker, published author, and internationally-recognized subject matter expert. J.D. is a featured contributor on, frequently gives media interviews, has been quoted by leading blockchain and crypto news sites, and regularly speaks at leading conferences around the world like World Economic Forum, and many more.. His work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance etc., including being linked to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain.
Anshul Pareek, Experienced full-stack marketer. Helped 15+ domestic and international brands with branding and communication over 4 years. Expertise include brand management, strategy, planning, social media marketing, digital marketing and content marketing. A new explorer of the Blockchain Industry.
Topper Bowers is an entrepreneur and engineer with over 20 years experience building software people want. He combines deep technical knowledge with proven executive skills. He consistently pursues tech that betters people’s lives — whether he’s designing user interfaces, managing world class teams, or building high volume distributed systems for large nonprofits and Fortune 50 companies. He’s a former Y-Combinator founder (Summer 2012) with deep knowledge of distributed systems and distributed ledger technology.
Rahul Sharma, Co-Founder of GamyFi
Jacob Pouncey is the Research and Adoption Manager at TZ APAC, where he aids in businesss development and marketing. He has worked with organizations and their clients to help them navigate blockchain technology. Jacob sits on the Treasurer Board of DIrectors for the Nordic Blockchain Association, where he looks for opportunities to strengthen the organisation’s position to ensure the longevity of its mission
Rastislav Bakala MBA. CEO of IOI corporation .Member of the board and founder of IOI ecosystem with 10 years of banking and investment experience .My inspiration comes form the gaming industry , and im looking to incorporate gaming mechanics in the new era of financial services on blockchain technology. Its time for sustainable technology #NTFs
Michael Wagner is a serial entrepreneur with a formal background in capital markets analysis, economics, and valuation methods. He has founded multiple companies centered around the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the most recent of which is Star Atlas. Collectively, he possesses 10+ years in capital markets analysis, holds his Chartered Financial Analyst designation, 7+ years in blockchain, 24+ years in gaming, and 5+ years in executive leadership.

About the Blockchain Game Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance is an organization committed to promoting blockchain within the game industry.

Our goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games.

The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

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