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3 Things You Should Know About NFT Gaming

Etched in the DNA of every gamer is the quest to discover new worlds and be immersed in the gaming experience. Central to an immersive experience is the creation of a digital identity that is the very extension of our sense of self.

We create this digital identity in many different ways, especially by carefully selecting characters, skins, and in-game items. The final, unchartered frontier of this journey is the ownership of your digital assets — something that has long eluded gamers.

Until now.

With the emergence of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), ownership of the digital world is now a reality.

To explore it all, let’s dig a little deeper into NFTs and uncover three things you should know about NFTs and gaming.

1. NFTs Provide Ownership of In-Game Items

One huge drawback of online games is that gamer diligence, relentless grinding, and the application of skill have been rewarded entirely in the confines of the finite game space. In-game items were effectively stuck in the digital wilderness.

Have you discovered an epic weapon? Maybe you’ve been rewarded with a legendary skin? In the past, you could only keep these items in the game. They couldn’t leave the platform.

With NFTs, users can transfer digital assets across blockchains and retain ownership of these unique, hard-earned items.

2. NFTs Create User Markets

The ownership of assets and the ability to transfer these assets across blockchains are creating new ways to monetize in-game rewards. Users can buy, sell, and collect NFTs. NFTs can build in-game marketplaces where users can earn real-world money for digital collectibles.

On top of all this, the mobility of NFT’s off-platform allows the development of secondary markets where users can freely trade against fiat or cryptocurrency. This could become a game changer.

3. NFT Gaming: Next-Level Blockchain Gaming

NFTs, blockchain, and gamification are set to grow exponentially in the coming years. This evolution of blockchain gaming will create new, immersive experiences for gamers at the cutting edge of the industry.

At the Tap Project, our flagship NFT gaming project, The Great NFT Hunt, has been created to bring NFTs to gamers.

This next step in blockchain gaming will allow users to profit from collecting NFTs in a multi-blockchain showcase spanning Binance, Wax, Ethereum, Hive, and Flow blockchains. NFT gamers will be able to convert in-game achievements, catalog player profiles, and turn achievements into trophies or NFTs that can be sold.

The Great NFT Hunt will use the brand new Tap Project NFT Portal, which allows NFTs to move across blockchains without the need for an additional coin, separate blockchains, or heavy gas costs associated with token transfer on the Ethereum blockchain.

With our NFT portal, users will be able to experience the full excitement of NFTs in the blockchain gaming space.

NFT Gaming Is Here to Stay

At the Tap Project, we believe NFTs are an emergent force set to disrupt the digital world as we know it.

The bubbling excitement at the genesis of this technology is rapidly growing. And this momentum just keeps accelerating as it becomes increasingly clear that NFTs offer gamers something new — and something better.

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