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What Makes The Tap Project Different?

You may keep hearing the term “pay to play” whenever modern gaming trends are discussed. This phrase can apply to micro-transactions covering a wide range of areas, including premium currency, loot boxes, and season passes with special downloadable content (DLC).

But what about turning this concept around? What about getting paid to play — and not having to rack up hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitch to do it?

Well, it turns out, this really is possible now!

How the Tap Project Started

In 2017, the Tap Project team looked at all the cool goings-on in the cryptocurrency world and realized there was a massive opportunity in both the blockchain and gaming spaces.

With many popular frontline titles, like Destiny and CS:GO, having enormous communities on and off Steam, we wondered how blockchain could be used to transfer players’ in-game currency and reward them for achievements — while going beyond Steam’s dashboard and even the games themselves.

We figured that we could take gamers to the next level. We knew we could give them a new way to have fun and get paid, even if they’ve never competed in esports or run a Twitch stream.

We realized it was all possible through the power of converting in-game earnings to Tapcoins that tap into the Ethereum blockchain.

What We’re All About

With the Tap platform, we want to disrupt the games space by giving players the power to turn their in-game achievements and currencies into actual cryptocurrency. By harnessing the massive communities that flock to prestige titles — CS:GO, Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG, and more — we are growing our own community on Tap.

We already have 18,000 members — and counting.

Through our various partnerships with the Blockchain Gaming Alliance and NEAR Protocol, we’re improving the way that gaming and blockchain technologies integrate. It also enables us to work with indie developers making games in Unity and Unreal who want to adopt virtual currencies with the Tap plugin. Players and developers get paid while gaining a wider audience for their games plus more engagement across platforms.

It’s a big win for everyone!

What Separates Us from Our Competitors

Tapcoins (TTT) are the native token used on the Tap platform, and they are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players who use Tapcoins can store in-game currencies from all kinds of games and transfer them from one game to another. Since Tapcoins run on Ethereum, players can also cash their Ethereum wallets out and literally get paid to play!

The NFT space has also been catching fire lately, and Tap has been among the pioneers who are really diving into NFT applications within games. With The Great NFT Hunt, for example, we’ve given players an opportunity to profit from their NFTs across multiple blockchains using Binance Smart Chain.

In-Game Earnings Aren’t Just In-Game Anymore

Gaming doesn’t have to be an isolated single-player experience. And it definitely doesn’t have to be pay to play.

Not anymore anyway. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

No matter who you are, you can now actually get paid to play.

Check us out on and let us know what kind of games you want to see on the platform!

About Tap Project

The Tap Project is a revolutionary blockchain platform that aims to decentralize the gaming industry by providing gamers and developers with options when it comes to virtual currencies. Gamers are able to convert and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. The Tap plugin built for Unity and Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platform play and revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue model.







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