Introducing Blockchain in Telco

Can you imagine a world of 100G symmetrical mobile data connectivity, anywhere in the world, without a service contract or commercial relationship from a mobile operator? Or a world where you are not only a broadband consumer, but a network operator yourself?

Disruptive convergence, permissionless networks, decentralization and token-based economies are upon us.

We can do almost everything from our mobile phones today, with just a few simple steps, from ride-sharing to booking flights and lodging, to streaming all of our favorite music and video, to conducting business.

We all know how the convergence of the Internet, Mobile and Cloud Computing and ubiquitous Broadband connectivity drastically changed our lives over the past 25 years. This created the rise of Web 2.0 and the concentration of software tech giants in an always-connected application-enabled world. What’s next?

What will the convergence of Blockchain, Digital Currencies (Cryptocurrencies), Cloud/Mobile/Edge Computing, 5G Wireless Networks and 10GB symmetrical Broadband create?

Communication networks as we know them today may undergo drastic changes as the decentralized movement gains momentum. How we, as connectivity and broadband consumers, use these centralized globally-connected high-speed networks will drastically change as applications seamlessly abstract away the networks we know of today. How we pay for this connectivity is also likely to change as digital currencies and their integrated wallets introduce a multitude of new business models and payment options. What if I could travel into a foreign country and seamlessly connect to local networks and automatically make micro-payments from my digital currency wallet?

The use cases are endless.

An online hub of curated content exploring the convergence of blockchain technology and telecommunications.

Welcome to the Blockchain in Telco site. Our vision is to create a collection of ideas, use cases and examples of how blockchain technology will be or can be applied to all aspects of Telecommunications. The global Telecommunications services market size is estimated to be around $1.7T. We believe this industry is ripe for disruption with the convergence of Blockchain technology. Not only from how service offerings and consumer experiences will evolve, but how Telecom operators will need to evolve their business processes including vendor and partner relationships. Software automation is already a major initiative as part of the digital transformation Telecom operators are embracing. Will Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies revolutionize digital transformation?

I invite you to share your theories, concepts and disruptive ideation with us as part of a collaborative effort to move the industry into the new era of blockchain and telecom convergence.

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Brian B Hedstrom

Brian B Hedstrom


Tech Entrepreneur, Telecom Consultant and Owner at @ConsultingOam, Co-Founder/CEO at @Cataworx, Author of @BlockchainTelco