I Grew Tomatoes With the Heat From My Crypto-Mining PC

Anything worth engineering is worth overengineering

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If you spend time on Instagram in our post-pandemic world, you’re probably experiencing some gardening FOMO. Maybe your biggest lockdown goal was “pwn Candy Crush” or, if you’re like me, “limit your toddler’s screen time to a scant five hours per day.” Now that we’re months into the…




Blockchain Life Tech takes a critical, analytic view of the world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and the blockchain. We focus especially on sustainable crypto, creative uses of blockchain technologies, mining, and crypto news. Sister pub of DIY Life Tech.

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Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith

Co-Founder & CEO of Gado Images. I write, speak & consult about tech, food, privacy, AI & photography. http://www.bayareatelegraph.com or tom@gadoimages.com

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