How LIUM could be a “Game Changer” in the Job Search market.

Elyorjon Mannonov
Oct 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Today, obviously, is the time when most of you don’t grab a newspaper and search for a job. We all prefer to do it online as it saves our time, gives us more options, and in short it’s more beneficial and obviously all this advantages is for both job searchers and employers. There are a wide range of search engines and job boards and thanks to them the hiring and getting a job process is much easier. However, blockchain believers say it is not the best version of the job search platforms and we would be able to make them even more affordable, faster, and effective by aptly applying blockchain technology. LIUM whitepaper explains what kinds of problems will be solved by the platform and here we are going to focus on LIUM job search platform which is going to be first service of the company, its uniqueness, and all advantages for both job searchers and companies.

Before listing the advantages of LIUM for employers, let’s take a quick look at what challenges companies are facing in hiring process. One of the common issues is faulty information on resumes which can cost a lot for the companies. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to check all the information if it’s trustworthy due to time and capital limits. Another problem is “interview no show ups” which is also very difficult to handle. Furthermore, there are countless various dilemmas such as complex registration, high fees, low quality UI and much more that could be improved. LIUM has an answer to all of these mentioned problems and by applying blockchain technology it will be what any HR manager would wish for.

With the help of blockchain the problems of faulty information on resumes and interview no show ups will be tackled and LIUM develops very simple platform that enables things to be done by only a few clicks. Smart matching will be possible by applying AI. Moreover, organizations will be rewarded with LIUM tokens (LIT) for providing information and fees will be considerable lower comparing to traditional job search platforms.

What can LIUM offer to job searchers? The issue of untrustworthy information is not only for employers but also for candidates too. It is very common to show higher salary, facilities, working hours, requirements and other working conditions on the job post which differs from real conditions. Also, the personal information of the users is not well protected because of the scammers in the network and no rewards are given for the provided information. With LIUM it will be totally different as every transaction will be recorded in smart contracts and users get rewarded for providing their personal information. The platform itself will offer a very simple to use UI and with the help of AI smart matching will be enabled.

LIUM is going to change the job search market in many ways in the recent future and much more yet to come!

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Blockchain based direct transaction service

Elyorjon Mannonov

Written by

Global Marketing Specialist at LIUM blockchain company. Moreover, a strong believer in a bright future of blockchain technologies.



Blockchain based direct transaction service

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