Introduction to LIUM, Blockchain based Direct Transaction Service: World without Intermediaries

Elyorjon Mannonov
Sep 25, 2019 · 2 min read

In recent years, the behavior of people in buying or selling items, searching for jobs, using delivery or accommodation services, and many others has significantly changed due to the internet and the role of intermediaries such as Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and others in this changes is essential. Regardless being a seller or a buyer, we all need these third parties to secure our transactions safe as they provide payment method and escrow services and answer consumer inquiries regarding delivery and refund. However, those brokerages are not able to solve the issues of untrustworthy information, personal information leakage, and many others that are in steadily rising in the spheres of job market, used car trades, real estate, e-commerce, food delivery, travel agencies, and so on despite charging excessive commission fees. LUIM has a solution to all these problems above.

What is LIUM?

LIUM is a blockchain direct transaction service that provides needed transaction functions below:

1) Payment

2) Escrow service

3) Smart searching and matching

4) Super smart contract

Source: LIUM Whitepaper

LUIM enables sellers and buyers to be matched accurately and P2P transactions between them without participation of any intermediaries and all transactions will be recorded in smart contracts. Unlike in traditional intermediary service, users will gain financial benefits for providing personal information and there will be penalties for any faulty information.

LIUM services

Source: LIUM Whitepaper

Token Distribution

• Token name : LIUM Token , LIUM Coin

• Issued amount : 9,900,000,000

• Infrastructure : ERC20

A total of 9.9 billion (9,900,000,000) LIUM tokens will be issued, and no new tokens will be issued after the distribution.

Exact dates and details of the token sale and distribution will be informed through the official website and LIUM community.

For more information you can read the LIUM project’s whitepaper.

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Elyorjon Mannonov

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Global Marketing Specialist at LIUM blockchain company. Moreover, a strong believer in a bright future of blockchain technologies.



Blockchain based direct transaction service

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