Aeternity blockchain collected $5.25M (110K ETH + 270 BTC) after the first day of ICO

Contribution campaign of Aeternity project has been started on April 3rd, 2017. So far the project collected more than $4950000 (in ETH)+ $305100 (in BTC), which is about $5.25M. The campaign ends on April 6th at 13:05 GMT.

What is Aeternity about?

Aeternity is a new blockchain platform that combines best approaches from the previous platforms, such as Ethereum, and Augur:
1) Off-chain transactions. This gives more speed and privacy. It will be possible to process an unlimited number of transactions per day. (Think fixed Ethereum + Lightning Network)
2) A hybrid of PoW (consensus, mine on any devices including smartphones) + PoS (governance).
3) Oracle machines: connect any real world data to smart contracts easily: elections, sports events, gold and oil prices, you name it. (Think Augur)

The more information you can find in their FAQ page.

How to contribute to the development?

There is still time to help the development of Aeternity. The first phase of contribution campaign ends on April 6th at 13:05 GMT. The project has a page, where anybody can contribute by sending ETH or BTC coins to the wallets of Aeternity. More information on the site of wallet:

If you have doubts that the wallet shows real number, go and check all the transactions that have been made to their wallets in ETH and BTC. Just follow the links below.

2000+ ETH transactions

You can find all ETH trxs by the next link:

100+ BTC transactions

You can find all BTC trxs by the link below:

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