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3 Mistakes Companies Make in Their Blockchain PR Campaigns

In the last few years I’ve had the chance to work with more than 60 blockchain companies, run their Blockchain Marketing and PR campaigns, and lead many of them to successful fundraising.

I’ve noticed that most of them repeat the same mistakes and have a misconception of how a proper blockchain PR campaign should look like.

In this article I will share mistakes that blockchain companies make. Reading about what you shouldn’t do will help you to boost your own Blockchain PR campaign:

No One Likes Ads

When was the last time you clicked on an ad when you watched a Youtube video or just googled something?

Just like ads, sponsored content is also not something people like to read. No one likes ads, or wants to feel like they are being sold something.

So why are companies still paying for them?

Sponsored articles can still give exposure to your company, a backlink, and even a bit of traffic.

Many companies even do it just to fill their homepage with logos of different publications to gain more credibility in their niche.

Sponsored articles still need to be part of your Blockchain PR campaign but make sure your expectations from these articles fits reality.

PR Is Not About Traffic

When running a blockchain PR campaign you shouldn’t expect insane amount of traffic to your site.


Well, I talked with a client that a few years ago had an article published on the Wall Street Journal that cost $10,000 and drove only 3 visitors to their site.

Lets take a random article on CoinTelegraph for example.

Out of those 7792 views how many people clicked on the links in the article?

On average around 1–3% which means we are talking about 73–230 clicks.

If you will compare a blockchain PR cost in a Tier 1 publication (might cost up to few thousand dollars) to ad campaigns, you will find that PR barely brings traffic compared to Google/Facebook ads.

So Is It Worth It?

Definitely, but you should know that traffic isn’t the main KPI from a blockchain PR campaign. Brand awareness and gaining authority within your niche should be your main KPIs.

Only large publications matter.

Many of our clients ask to have articles ONLY on large publications. Even though being mentioned in a large publication is great, there are not many of them out there. The cost of being featured in those publications is very high, even 5 times higher than being mentioned in less popular publications.

In your blockchain PR campaign you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Cost: You don’t want to ‘burn’ all your marketing budget on 6 articles in T1 publications when you can launch 15 articles in many different tiers.
  • Diversity: By aiming only for T1 publications, after a few months you won’t have where to continue running your PR campaign since you overused certain domains.
  • SEO: Google tends to prefer link diversity. The Google algorithm will give your domain a higher score if you have 100 links from 100 different domains than 100 links from one domain.
    Having links to your domain from many different publications will improve your domain authority and increase the chances that your site will rank higher.




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