Claim Your Blockchain Recorded Podcast Jubilee NFTs

Blockchain Recorded Podcast (i.e. BRP) mints jubilee NFTs to commemorate guest appearances and season endings. The minted NFT supplies vary based on the specific guest agreement. NFTs are distributed for free to the BRP and Guest community and serve as memorabilia and proof of attendance.

How to claim your NFTs

BRP mints the NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, so fees are negligible. We use the platform to mint BRP NFTs.

Step One: Go to the BRP NFT claiming page

  1. Login to your wallet (e.g. MetaMask)
  2. Add Polygon network
  3. Visit the NFT claiming page:

Step Two: Claim your NFT

The “Claim” button will be available according to the available supply.

💡 Note: The NFT availability is limited to its supply and time frame. Usually, NFTs are available on a “First to Come” bases.

Step Three: Confirm

Your wallet should pop up asking you to confirm the action of claiming your NFT. Do so and be patient while the claim processes on the Polygon blockchain which may take several minutes, depending on congestion on the blockchain.

Congratulations 🎉



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Dr. Tali Rezun

Dr. Tali Rezun


Head of BlockLabs, co-founder of Blockchain Recorded Podcast, UN/CEFACT blockchain expert, researcher, scholar, lecturer & Web3 on-chain communication expert.