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Many of you may have attended one of our events or joined our global blockchain startup groups. For those that don’t know us, we encourage you to get involved in the fast-growing Intrepid ecosystem. We have a lot going on, so feel free to get to know us through one of our projects or communities.


We’re building a blockchain platform that enables entrepreneurs, founders and developers to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses. If you’re interested in getting involved in this project, why not take a simple action right now?

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Blockchain Startups is a global cryptocurrency and blockchain startup community. Connecting founders and developers through engaging live events and insightful online experiences.

We inspire you to master blockchain technology and help develop leaders in communities around the world. Register now for unrivalled live events in your city at Blockchain Startups!


TokenDeck is an ICO coin offering solution that makes crowdfunding your business simple and easy. We help you launch a safe and compliant Initial Coin Offering that is customisable to your needs. Take a look at our Token Deck solution and contact us for any further information.

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Be sure to also check out our new microsite which provides a clear, non-technical guide to understanding blockchain technology. If you want to know what blockchain technology is, how it works, and it’s potential impacts on business and society, without all the technical lingo, this site is for you!