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Letter sent on Dec 2, 2017

My Blockchain Journey

I’ve recently updated my introduction to Metabase please read and share it to your friends.

It will be especially relevant to founders, or anyone who is interested on blockchain technology.

here’s why

Over the course of the last 5 years, as one of the leaders at Intrepid Ventures, I have embarked on the process of moving from a crypto-lamen to arguably someone knowledgeable and well versed in the technology.

Writing here on medium was a part of that process. For me, when I learn something, I want to share it. Mostly because it helps me reinforce my own learning, but also because it might help someone else on their journey.

Over the last few years you have probably come across some of my intellectual waxings on blockchain technology,

Intellectual as defined as a second hand peddler of first rate ideas,

and hopefully it helped you, or you found enjoyment from it at least.

Writing my pieces takes alot of time and effort, so i’m thankful that you take the time out of your day to read what I write, as whatever I have learned, did not come without hard work, confusion, skepticism, and alot of research.

As part of my learning, which is deeply imbedded in the DNA of our company for all the previously mentioned reasons, I have tried to make blockchain technology accessible to all who want to learn.

I’m not saying that i’m the definitive or most accurate resource for this learning, but I am authentic, earnest, and have a deep passion for the topic.

So much so, that I have made it my life, and if you have come to know me over the years, you will know that as a designer.

I’m definitely and outsider to the space and take a very different approach when it comes to technology than most people in the blockchain space.

so this is why you should read the introduction to Metabase and hopefully you will continue reading and participating in the journey.