Announcing Rockside Early Access for EthCC 2019!

After several months of coding, refactoring, testing and bug fixing, we are really excited to announce our Public Early Access Version, free for all developers for non-commercial use.

EthCC 2019 (Ethereum Community Conference) is the second edition of a series of conferences and workshops with 250 international speakers. The perfect opportunity for us to get feedback from the community 🚀

Hey, it’s me ;) Announcing Rockside Early Access Version during Asseth meetup at Consensys France

Early Access version: Key Features

Rockside makes Blockchain technology more accessible

Rockside is a Blockchain Service Provider that helps companies build Blockchain application, industrialize processes, and grow their business. Because we believe in the potential of the Ethereum protocol, we want to make it accessible to all developers. Install Rockside on your own server in 2 minutes and use the web interface to setup a -production ready- Ethereum infrastructure.

Rockside installation is really simple
“Rockside is different because it allows the companies to host Blockchain infrastructure in a truly decentralized way.”

Run your own Ethereum node

Join a public Ethereum network in 3 clicks thanks to a really flexible architecture. You can host your own node on-premises or in cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

3 clicks for hosting your own Ethereum node with Rockside

Launch Consortium Blockchains in a minute

Define validator members and deploy each node of the consortium on different physical servers or cloud servers (dedicated or shared). You are completely free to choose. We guarantee a consistent use of consortium Blockchain: each validator member manages his own node and keys. Within a few seconds, the first blocks are being validated, you can use the RPC Endpoint of your consortium with Web3 or as a custom RPC URL in Metamask and voila!

Configuring and Starting a 1-Minute Consortium Blockchain with Rockside

Monitor your nodes

A notification is sent if a slave could not be contacted for more than a minute. Regarding nodes, a notification will be sent if the node stops running or if a gap of more than 3 blocks between the current and the highest block occurs.

Receive an email if a problem is detected on your nodes

And what next?

Say hello to the developers at EthCC

EthCC will take place in Paris on March 5th, 6th and 7th, All the technical team will be present, so do not hesitate to send us a message, we will be happy to share. I will speak on March 7th, in the room Jean Fourastié at 17h, so if you want a live demo, you’re welcome!

Rockside developers team


We showed at the last Asseth Meetup a first version of our Rockside Hashicorp Vault plugin for Ethereum (which will be open sourced). It allows the companies to connect their LDAP to Rockside and sign their transactions. In this demo, a build factory can deploy its smart contracts with Truffle without ever access to the private keys of the company. We imagine many possible applications of this tool. Let’s consider a situation where an employee who used to have direct access to the keys, leaves the company. Then, the security of the keys could be potentially compromised. In order to prevent this kind of problem we are working on a tight integration of a Vault solution such as Hashicorp.

We are also preparing a system of load balancing between Ethereum clients (geth, pantheon or parity implementation) and between Rockside and remote node (e.g. infura). Our goal is to ensure the best reliability of Ethereum infrastructure. Sorry! Too much teasing but the features of the next release look so coooool 🚀

Test Rockside Early Access Version

rockside preview

See you on March 5th on our website to download this Release. In the meantime, all the doc with a detailed FAQ is available on Github if you want more information.

🔥🔥🔥 Test Rockside Early Access 🔥🔥🔥

See you in Paris 🇫🇷 for EthCC 2019 on March 5th ❤