Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

It is the 4th of January 2019, 2018 has ended. What a year for the Blockchain Studio team since the launch last March!

Photo by Julie Tupas on Unsplash

Let’s review some key achievements before jumping in 2019:

We ended the year with 10 people on board and we are going to double the size of the team within the next 6 months: full stack developers, blockchain experts and business developers. If you are interested in joining a dynamic and versatile team with the purpose of changing the way we do business using Blockchain, please click here! Our company core values are:

be pragmatic, be daring and be a “builder”.

Right now, 2 products are on the shelf for accelerating the adoption of Blockchain:

  • Dojo, the training tool for helping teams to design their Blockchain POC;
  • Rockside, our very promising Blockchain Orchestrator used for supporting businesses to scale up their blockchain projects, deploy and run their infrastructure and monitor their services.

Blockchain Studio is now a member of the Google Cloud for Startup Program. With Google cloud credits, we have the capacity to quickly try out and integrate the Google cloud solution for our clients. We want to implement in our Rockside software a “one-click button” which will drastically simplify the set-up of environment for deploying the nodes.

In addition, because our Blockchain Orchestrator is cloud “agnostic”, other major clouds like AWS or OVH can also be integrated.

Our Launch customer program has started with some key clients and the feedback from them has been very positive: Easy to set up and to deploy a node, good interaction with the team members, impressive roadmap…

So what’s coming up next?

Firstly, next week, our team is going to the CES 2019 in Las Vegas. A huge milestone for Blockchain Studio!

The 5 reasons why you should stop by to meet our team!

  1. Understand the principles of Blockchain technologies, simply explained;
  2. Share real use cases in Energy, Finance, Real estate and even Governance;
  3. Participate in the CES Wind Turbine Challenge, a social game based on Ethereum Blockchain and win super cool prizes;
  4. Attend Rockside world premiere demo, the easiest Blockchain orchestrator to deploy, run and monitor your projects;
  5. Set up Rockside from scratch in less than 3 minutes and discuss with our tech team to look under the hood.

Many thanks to ENGIE for inviting us and for believing in our products

We are very proud to have this unique chance to showcase our Rockside solution in this world-class Innovation Exhibition.

We will continue to build our Blockchain Orchestrator with the objective of bringing the best user experience, implementing what is useful first, envisioning the future and growing as fast as possible.

Welcome 2019, we are ready for you!

The Blockchain Studio Team

Blockchain Studio is dedicated to crafting products which unleash the blockchain adoption. Find out more about us!