Travel worldwide with Blockchain Studio team!

Our mission, bring back a beer bottle cap from the countries we visited

For the past month, our team has been getting global. Find below what we did in Tahiti, Sydney and Prague (while the Parisian and the Singaporean crew were working hard) and the takeaways.

Tahiti: 24/10/2018 -27/10/2018

Blockchain Studio has participated actively in the 2nd edition of the Tahiti Digital Festival. Tangui, one of our Blockchain experts, did 2 talks on blockchain and on cryptocurrencies. He co-organized also a “smart-contract” hackathon and was in charge of coaching the different teams. He gave them some tips and recommendations on the blockchain aspects of their projects. It was a compelling experience to interact with all the local builders and to help them to better understand blockchain technologies. Thanks to the Tahiti Digital Festival and particularly, Olivier Servoise, for the amazing organization. See you next year!

Tangui — Tahiti Digital Festival

Australia: 30/11/2018

In Sydney, Claire did her first pitch on Rockside, our new product for developers, during the Startup & Angels event dedicated to emerging markets and emerging technologies. 10 minutes for pitching the benefits expected from the orchestrator layer and highlighting the return on investment for a company. It was a really intense opportunity. Thanks to the Startup & Angels team for the invitation.

Claire — Startup & Angels — Sydney

Czech Republic: 30/11-02/11/2018

Alex travelled to Prague to attend Devcon4, the annual Ethereum family reunion taking place every year since 2014. This year, the conference gathered about 3000 people from all parts of the world. He met great people with whom he was able to share the main features of Rockside. Thanks for the encouraging feedback! More about his Devcon4 experience

Alex (Winner of the hottest picture)— Devcon4 — Prague