Introducing Dominium: The Über of Real Estate

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Derek Little
Jul 31, 2018 · 13 min read
Mark Lloyd, Managing Director of Dominium: The Über of Real Estate

AMA Event

The Dominium Reddit AMA event took place on 9th August. **12,500 DOM tokens in prizes were given away for the best questions — Contest Winners.

What is Dominium?

“Dominium is a multi-lingual property platform using blockchain technology that helps real estate professionals, authorities, organizations and investors succeed through a global centralized marketplace for all property related activities. The spark that got it started was Max Property Group. This is a group of ten property professionals from Property Development, Financing, and Investments.

Who Will Use It?

BENEFITS FOR PROPERTY PROFESSIONALS (And people selling their own home)

What Are the Industry Trends?

“Even though you can buy a house in minutes on Dominium, the land registry is still controlled by the government. Certain steps still must be taken such as going through a lawyer, otherwise known as a notary. But on our platform, this only takes minutes.

Why Is Dominium a Good Investment?

“I think Dominium is a better investment than most other ICOs (ITOs) because the money we raise is used to buy residential property. And the rental income from our property portfolio is used to build the platform. This means we become self-sustainable and don’t need to continually raise money.

What’s Next for Dominium?

“Our platform already has over 20,000 users in 156 countries. We’re now steadily building the platform and the translations are going well. Thai, Polish and Bulgarian have recently been added and we’re constantly getting more languages and country ambassadors.

Join Dominium on Reddit

Dominium has announced the new Dominium Subreddit where you can get all your questions answered.

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