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An open love letter to Bitcoin

Like you, we don’t know Satoshi Nakamoto. But we’re hoping to get this love letter to Bitcoin — if you know where to forward, we’d be much obliged. 😬

Dear Bitcoin,

Happy Valentine’s Day! After 11 amazing years together, we wanted to share seven reasons why we love you Bitcoin.

You’re caring.

Bitcoin could drive economic growth by accelerating commerce on the internet and universal access to the tools of wealth creation.

I love your friends.

Bitcoin (and blockchain technology) is built by people who want a better financial future for everyone.

You give me space.

Bitcoin is entirely digital, no need to carry around cash. Leaving plenty of pocket space for other important things, like chocolate.

You light up the room, without needing to be the center of everything.

Decentralization. Need we say more?

You keep our relationship on the DL.

Transactions can happen on the blockchain without your personal information attached.

You share with everyone.

Bitcoin is truly open source, and anyone can get involved with building and bettering it.

You’re trustless.

The blockchain keeps a clear record of every transaction ever made, no one can fake it or break it.

There are so many ways you inspire us. But suffice it to say: We love you bitcoin. Thank you.

With love,

The Blockchain.com Team



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