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Blockchain.com and Cloud9 Partner to Build the Future of Finance and Gaming

Blockchain.com sponsors leading esports organization

Crypto people and gamers understand the internet economy better than anyone.

We get it. We live it.

The idea of creators, commentators, and players interacting within intricate virtual universes might seem far-fetched to many. But to crypto enthusiasts and gamers, we get it. It’s our every day.

In fact, crypto — the financial system of the internet — is a perfect fit for people who use the internet every day to play, build, and connect with others. And out of this insight, a partnership was born.

Today, I’m stoked to announce that we’ll be partnering with Cloud9, one of the world’s most innovative esports companies, to help gamers and their fans access the future of finance.

As Cloud9’s first crypto sponsor, we will appear on their team’s jerseys alongside other global brands like AT&T, Microsoft, and BMW. Beyond that, we’ll become a major force behind the scenes in helping their audience adopt crypto and learn about its promise. To this end, we have financial literacy programming and special partner promotions planned on the horizon.

Why Cloud9? We’re always on the lookout for organizations as passionate as we are about serving a community of trailblazers. Cloud9 sets the bar high.

Since their founding in 2013, Cloud9 has sponsored multiple championship esport teams, consistently grown viewership hours, and always found innovative ways to reward their most loyal teams, staff, and fans.

Just as Blockchain.com prides itself on being a steward of the entire crypto space, we know Cloud9 prides itself on playing a similar role in gaming. Their philosophy on esports — including how the audience should participate and how they should benefit from that participation — mirrors Blockchain.com’s dedication to its users.

As organizations, we both recognize the opportunities in front of us and care about building out these new economies sustainably and responsibly. It’s all these qualities that made linking up such an exciting venture.

We appreciate the opportunity to grow with Cloud9 and cannot wait to bring even more value to the esports community.




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