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​​Blockchain.com’s Crypto Games: Who Will Win Gold?

This week, athletes from across the globe will descend on Tokyo, Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Games. With jaw-dropping talents on display and thrilling moments galore, these games are sure to deliver.

Yet, no event will have fiercer competition than Blockchain.com’s 1st Crypto Games. 🥇

Blockchain.com’s Crypto Games

We think bitcoin is the perfect way to celebrate an event like the Tokyo Games: both bitcoin and the Games unite people across borders, they both create new bonds, and bull markets — like the games — come in four-year cycles. (Sorry, we had to.)

So, in honor of that, from July 23 to August 8, 2021, we’ll be tracking different crypto achievements across the world and celebrating crypto-curious countries. Over the two weeks of the Tokyo Games, nations will compete to take home the gold* in categories like:

  • greatest volume of bitcoin Google searches
  • greatest increase number of new users (as a % of population)
  • most transactions under $10
  • and more

The winning countries will be announced August 8, 2021 in conjunction with closing ceremonies.

Start trading today to represent your country and go for the Digital Gold!

Follow @blockchain on Twitter to see the results!

*No cash or non-cash consideration will be offered. A successful winner’s award will comprise a public mention on Twitter or other communication.



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