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June 2021 Newsletter

ICYMI: A month full of launches

The Bottom Line

Feature of the Month: The Blockchain.com Exchange

The Cryptosphere

Blockchain.com in the News

  • CNBC — Blockchain.com CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Smith, was live on CNBC’s TechCheck. He discusses bitcoin and crypto volatility.
  • CoinTelegraph — Helen Partz of CoinTelegraph covered Blockchain.com’s partnership with Unstoppable Domains to integrate readable domains in the Wallet.
  • Empire — Peter sat down with Jason Yanowitz on his podcast, Empire, to chat about why Bitcoin Maxis are wrong about BitClout and DeFi
  • Miami Herald — Blockchain.com announced its new US HQ in Miami, Florida at a City Hall press conference with Mayor Francis Suarez.
  • Yahoo! Finance — CEO Peter Smith, was once again, this time on Yahoo! Finance to discuss China’s crackdown on bitcoin mining and the $CLOUT listing on the Blockhain.com Exchange.



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