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October 2021 Newsletter

October was a month for the books. Between Blockchain.com’s 10th anniversary and a stream of new all-time highs, there was no shortage of excitement.

October marked 10 years since the start of Blockchain.com (then Blockchain.info). To ring in this milestone, we’re giving away Bitcoin!

To every new user who buys $100+ of crypto for the first time on our platform, we’re sending $50 in BTC. It’s that simple!

You still haven’t missed your opportunity for free bitcoin. If you’re a new user, claim it now at blockchain.com/signup.

This month we launched our most requested Exchange feature: Margin. With Margin, traders get up to 5X leverage. We’ll touch more on this in our Feature of the Month section below. 👇

The community watched gleefully as bitcoin’s prices climbed sharply by over $25,000 this month. The rise marked the fastest nominal price rise in Bitcoin’s history and an over 50% gain since late September. The newest all-time high of $66,974.77 was reached on October 20th.

Ether also reached new highs at $4,379.11 this month.

Margin trading is an advanced feature on the Exchange and helps you increase your potential for profit through up to 5X leverage and diversification within your portfolio.

With fees starting from .12% daily (.02% every four hours) on open margin positions, Blockchain.com’s Exchange margin rates rank among the lowest in the industry.

Before trading with leverage, it’s important to remember the risks. While you have the possibility of higher gains, you also face the higher greater risks inherent to all leveraged trading in crypto. Please make sure you understand and review the mechanics of margin trading before you begin. Learn more about margin trading in our Support Center.

While NFTs are certainly still top of mind for the crypto community, a new craze has swept the cryptosphere: the Tungsten Cube.

This four-inch cube — weighing nearly 40lbs — has taken center stage, garnering attention from influencers, traders, executives, and the like. One Amazon reviewer reports, “It’s a tungsten cube. What do you expect? That means it’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

We can’t say if we’ve scored a Cube for ourselves, but what we can say is that meme culture is alive and well. Who knows what will be next?

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