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February Market Outlook

  • Privacy: it seems not a day goes by that yet another privacy destroying cyber exploit or revelation of an abuse of trust is revealed. Blockchain technology can protect individuals from predatory practices and help us take control of our personal data and financial information.
  • Open access: over a billion people around the world do not have a bank account, including a significant percentage of citizens in developed countries (over 5% of Americans lack a bank account). To use bitcoin you do not need to first apply and gain approval from a gatekeeper like you do to open a bank account. Anyone with a computer and internet connection can access crypto.
  • Democratizing finance: small investors in many countries have traditionally lacked access to financial services and opportunities available to the wealthy (e.g. overly restrictive accredited investor rules). Crypto is helping to level the playing field. In a world of rapidly rising consumer prices and seemingly out of reach home ownership, we believe strongly that crypto can help address the sense of despair many younger people in particular feel around their financial future.
  • As we are set to publish crypto has rallied strongly to start February, with bitcoin recouping almost all of its January loss
  • There is some evidence that the frost that set on crypto markets these past few months is abating
  • Overall bitcoin on-chain payments, transaction activity, and fees continued decreasing in the month of January
Sources: Blockchain.com, Google Finance
Sources: Blockchain.com



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