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Introducing Radial

The Blockchain.com Institutional Client Platform

We’re pleased to introduce Radial, the Blockchain.com Institutional client platform. It’s a new single-channel gateway for institutional clients to manage their crypto assets, and access our institutional offerings across OTC spot and options, exchange, lending, custody and staking.

We designed Radial to facilitate a unified solution for our clients across our various institutional offerings. Additionally, Radial expands the Prime Broker relationship with clients so that Blockchain.com can operate as a long term and strategic Tier 1 institutional partner in the digital assets landscape.

Radial Features

Clients can now:

  • View user-profiles (institution and entity/fund they belong to).
  • View balances and activity across OTC spot and options, Lend/Borrow, Custody and Exchange.
  • Filter/search for a particular asset balance.
  • Filter and download activity based on a specific timeframe/date.

Upcoming features

Over the coming months clients will be able to:

  • Select all onboarded entities within an organization.
  • Manage roles and permissions based on the users in an organization that can access Radial, and view/action on the various services.
  • Trade on the Blockchain.com exchange.
  • Trade spot and options via RFQ API and on screen with our desks.
  • Stake and generate yield from our secure custody.

How to access Radial

For all of our clients, we are in the process of providing access credentials over the coming weeks. If you would like immediate access, please reach out to your account/sales representative to get set up.

Once you’ve set up your account, Radial can be accessed at www.blockchain.com/institutional by clicking on “Radial Login,” and don’t hesitate to reach out to your account coverage representative to learn more.



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Krish Venkataraman

Krish Venkataraman

Head of Product, Institutional Markets