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Pivoting from Web2 to Web3 by Preethi Kasireddy of DappCamp

DappCamp has partnered with Blockchain.com to provide scholarships for underrepresented minorities and women to help kick-start their careers in Web3.

DappCamp offers a 21-day cohort-based course for Web2 developers to make the shift from Web2 to Web3 by learning to architect, deploy and scale an app on Ethereum.

The course offers hands-on experience taking a dapp from ideation to creation through a mix of self-study, live lectures, and office hours.

With DappCamp, students are split into teams based on their qualifications and experience, and each team is assigned a technical coach for their project.

Technical coaches are available 24/7 to answer questions and you can also check out previous guest lectures on the YouTube channel here.

After creating a sound foundation in Ethereum and building a dapp with a team in 21 days, DappCamp further helps with getting placements by assisting with interview preparation and referrals.

Alumni Kumar Nilay went on to work for PrePo (a decentralized trading platform that allows anyone, anywhere to gain access to any pre-public asset) after DappCamp. Listen to Kumar’s experience here.

Excitingly, DappCamp has partnered with Blockchain.com to provide scholarships for underrepresented minorities and women.

If this sounds like an opportunity you may be interested in, please visit www.dappcamp.xyz for more information on the course and details on how to apply.

Please note you should have some experience with coding before applying. Applications close 24th April, 2022.

Take the leap of faith. It will be worth it!

Apply today at www.dappcamp.xyz

Please fill in the general application found on the website and when you are prompted “will you be applying for scholarship?” select “yes”.




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