Send, receive, and store 120X more assets

Amadeo Pellicce
Nov 23 · 2 min read

The Private Key Wallet now supports over 99.9% of all assets by market cap available on the Ethereum network.

This means you can now send, receive, and self-custody 120X more assets. It also opens up an additional $150B in market cap access to users.

There was a lot of work done under the hood to support this release:

  • We upgraded our Wallet’s Ethereum infrastructure to be able to support thousands of ERC-20 assets.
  • We made improvements to the Wallet UI to make it easy and quick to navigate all the assets available to you. This includes the ability to easily toggle between your Portfolio and the Prices view, search and sort the list of supported assets, and view historical asset prices in your local currency.
  • We took an offline-first approach to make navigating the app extremely fast despite processing 120X more data.

This is only the first step in a much bigger mission. We’ll be continuing to add assets at a rapid pace as we look to make crypto more easily accessible to everyone. We also have our sights set on opening up more doors into the Ethereum ecosystem with Wallet Connect and L2s, so be sure to watch this space.

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