We made owning your keys so cool, there’s now an official holiday 🎉

Jan 3 · 2 min read

Today is Proof of Keys, the annual celebration where the crypto community rallies together to show who’s really in control of crypto. We love this day because empowering people to own and control their private keys is at the very core of our ethos. We created the first non-custodial Wallet ten years ago, and 44M Blockchain Wallets later it’s the most popular way to manage keys and securely HODL and trade crypto.

It’s easy to trust that your money is safe with third parties, but crypto enables you to do so much more. Proof of Keys is a great reminder of the original principles of bitcoin and encourages everyone to be proactive with their crypto. By controlling your private keys — you have the freedom to choose your financial future today and every day!

It’s cool to own your keys, so what’s stopping you? Here’s how you can:

  1. Move your crypto from exchanges to your Blockchain Wallet.
    Your keys = your crypto.
  2. Use exchanges that make it easy for you to seamlessly withdraw your crypto.
  3. Use Blockchain Connect to link your Wallet to the Blockchain Exchange, the most secure way to trade crypto while keeping maximum control over your keys.

Share this badge on social media to show your support and encourage others to prove they have their keys. Make sure to tag @blockchain and #ProofOfKeys so we can promote!


Blockchain.com is the oldest and most trusted provider of crypto products.


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Blockchain.com is the oldest and most trusted provider of crypto products.

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