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Cash App, Revolut and Circle Pay- Crypto Payment

With the increasing awareness of crypto, more mainstream payment companies are tapping into crypto. In this article, I will look at three payment Apps: Cash App, Revolut and Circle Pay. We will see what features are available, licenses they got and what are their next steps.

If you ask why looking into traditional payment apps, why not research what companies are directly using crypto for payment? The most obvious reason is the scale of users. Traditional payment apps like Cash App has millions of users where crypto payment companies struggle with…




I write articles not for my fellow blockchain insiders but for developers, entrepreneurs, VCs, institutions, and everyday people interested in knowing the blockchain trend. It’s time to jump out of the echo chamber and share blockchain development with the world. #blockchain4all

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Natalie researches blockchain VC investment trends. Her current focus is web3 building blocks like scalability & privacy, cross-chain, and NFT infra.

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