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Top 20 Blockchain VCs and Their Investment Theses (2/2)

In the last article, I have introduced seven blockchain VCs or general VCs with a clear investment thesis about crypto.

This article adds another few that I find worth following, including more US-based general investment firm, crypto funds based in Asia and crypto ecosystem funds.

I will try to synthesize their investment thesis into keywords.

Again, following them should be a weekly effort since their theses almost definitely change with time.




I write articles not for my fellow blockchain insiders but for developers, entrepreneurs, VCs, institutions, and everyday people interested in knowing the blockchain trend. It’s time to jump out of the echo chamber and share blockchain development with the world. #blockchain4all

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Natalie researches blockchain VC investment trends. Her current focus is web3 building blocks like scalability & privacy, cross-chain, and NFT infra.

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