Daily Blockchain Use Cases and News #38

Brickblock is partnering with Peakside Capital Advisors AG.

Why should you care? Basically, we’re getting closer to tokenizing real estate. This should make small investments in the real estate (down to a couple of Euros) reality and open up real estate investments for millions of people.

What’s the deal? Peakside Capital provides fund management and investment advisory services for managed portfolios that include its four real estate funds. Brickblock brings a proprietary software and legal framework for evidencing and databasing a real estate fund on the blockchain.

IBM got a new patent for blockchain-enabled detection of IT security breaches.

What’s the fuzz about blockchain patents? 2018 have seen a big increase in blockchain patents. Alibaba filed 90 patents, IBM follows with 89, Mastercard has filed 80 patents.

MoneyTap, an app using Ripple’s xCurrent for c2c money transfer, launched in Japan

Why should you care? Ripple doesn’t hold back with the PR these days, going all-in on partnerships (especially on products for the b2b international money transfers) and charity projects. Getting hands-on with a Ripple-powered product could pave the road for the real-world adoption of Ripple’s products as well as for competing FinTech products.