WallDecaux met these 10 remarkable blockchain startups

Philipp Schulz, Co-Founder of TV Two, explains how blockchain will evolve the TV ads

Toy car controlled via blockchain, live showcase of crypto tags and TV going programmatic on the blockchain.

These are three out of ten use cases, shown at last week’s WallDecaux Blockchain Demo Day, which was co-organized by Blockchain Circle. Why do events like this matter?

Not dealing with emerging technology today is more dangerous for established companies than neglecting the impact of the internet in the nineties. We are in for a tremendous shift of the ways companies operate, communicate with customers and interact with employees. Strict competitive borders between corporations are disappearing as technological leadership becomes key. With the words of Andreas Knorr, Director Marketing at Wall AG:

„The whole value chain of producing goods and services and offering them to your customers is impacted by emerging technologies. It’s very important to explore and understand this impact today.“

Excerpt from the Blockchain Circle’s kickoff presentation during the Demo Day
Sebastian Becker from Riddle&Code is showing the crypto tags live in action

There is hardly a better way to embrace complex emerging technology than discussing it directly with its innovators. During the WallDecaux Demo Day blockchain pioneers like ConsenSys, Riddle&Code and Slock.it shared the same stage with young companies like Yptokey, TV Two and WOM.

Events like this Demo Day help both startups and corporates to prevent the tunnel-view and get the much-needed inspiration for new projects. The days of the blockchain adoption are still young, the chances are still huge. All parties interested in building sustainable use cases can benefit from the open and fair exchange. Many thanks to WallDecaux and all the speakers for making this event happen. For everybody, who couldn’t be there, here’s an impression of the attending companies:

1. TV Two — A Blockchain-Based Open Platform for a decentralized Television Ecosystem

2. Wysker — blockchain-powered mobile shopping startup

3. ConsenSys — global blockchain formation founded by the Ethereum pioneer Joseph Lubin

4. WOM — crypto currency that can be used to capture, track and reward sincere word-of-mouth recommendations in the blockchain

5. MADANA — platform for data analysis that uses Blockchain technology

6. Weeve — global network of IoT devices autonomously buying and selling their data

7. MXC — cryptocurrency enabling a decentralized wireless network for the things in IoT

8. Riddle & Code — hard- and software stacks to combine highest security standards with the potential of Blockchain technology

9. YPTOKEY — solution for decentralized digital access to physical assets

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10. Slock.it — solves the problem of efficiently connecting a device to the blockchain and adds the necessary features for it to become usable to non-blockchain developers working on IoT systems

What are the most interesting use cases of blockchain in AdTech and IoT you have seen? Submit them in the comments!