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7 Top NFT Certifications for Professionals in 2022

7 Top NFT Certifications for Professionals in 2022

Have you ever been a crazy comic book hoarder or a fanatic who happily spent all his savings just to purchase the limited-edition Pokémon card set? If yes, then this article is the best place for you!!! Here, we are trying to help all those hoarders find one of the ‘coolest,’ ‘trendiest,’ and ‘rewarding’ collections for their luxury store. Yes!! You guessed it right. We are talking about NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens that have emerged as a popular investment tool for tech-savvy investors. Running on blockchain technology, NFTs take pride in being a unique trading option that presently operates with a billion-dollar transaction volume. They are cool, popular, and highly rewarding for those who are always in the quench of non-conventional investment sectors.

Shedding the traditional norms of the financial space, NFTs represent a powerful tool for curating, expanding and earning digital content. The recent success of these digital assets has made them a popular choice for retail and institutional investors. So, let’s dive into NFTs and understand their work.

What is NFT?

Launched in 2012, Non-Fungible Tokens are exclusively digital products that possess a unique, non-transferable identity recorded and traded on a blockchain channel. Each token represents a particular class of asset or item that can range from anything to everything. It can be a video, a piece of artwork, a picture, accessories, merchandise of popular players or artists, luxury items of global brands, etc. As they run on a blockchain ecosystem, NFTs offer distinguished identities to each item so that they cannot be replicated or traded without the consent of the creator.

NFTs provide a guarantee of ownership of assets to the holder. Non-fungibility restrains the exchange of one NFT token for an equivalent token making each token one-of-a-kind in itself. Monetization of assets in the form of NFTs has become the latest trend for business hubs, sports players, artists, movie stars, etc. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mark Cuban, Paris Hilton along with rock band Kings of Leon have been actively participating in NFTs to fetch good returns from the fast-growing industry.

Through NFTs, renowned personalities get a golden opportunity to connect with their fans easily. They launch their tokens on the decentralized network where people from across the world get a chance to transact them for quick returns. However, dealing in NFT can be a tough nut for those who are first-timers for crypto or have very little knowledge about the field. So, to get away with this problem, there are various online certification courses for users that provide exhaustive knowledge on NFT trading. The list here will highlight some of the top-rated courses offering NFT exposure to learners, have a look:

  1. Certified NFT Expert by Blockchain Council

Coming from the blockchain training provider firm, Blockchain Council, this certification course is a one-stop solution for all NFT queries. It covers a detailed curriculum on the working of non-fungible tokens in the ETH ecosystem. The 5-hour-long course offers in-depth knowledge on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency tokens on Ethereum blockchain, and NFTs in a well-sequenced way. The course allows users to learn about designing NFTs, their features, future implementations in real-world cases, etc.

2. Certified NFT Developer by Blockchain Council

This is yet another interesting NFT skill certification course from Blockchain Council. In this, the learners are taught the fundamentals of the NFT space along with the necessary skills for developing projects. The curriculum is designed in a way to provide extensive knowledge to students focused on the industrial use of NFTs. On completing the 9-hour long course, participants become competent enough to deal with ETH-powered NFT tools. The experts work closely with the students for an enriching learning experience.

3. NFT Fundamentals- Buy, Create, and Sell NFTs

Spread across a 3-hour long learning class, NFT Fundamentals is a perfect choice for the new entrants in the field of NFT. The crash course begins from the basic fundamentals of NFT working and slowly covers each aspect exhaustively. The learners are quickly exposed to practical knowledge on the creation, purchase, sale, storage, and trading of tokens.

4. NFT Fundamentals Course

This course is a perfect combination of the academic and practical learning experience. Designed by the top-class blockchain educating firm, 101 Blockchains, the participants get complete information on ETH-related non-fungible tokens. The learners are enriched with the knowledge on the best tools for the creation and trading of NFTs. The various modules of the course cover the basics well and highlight the prominent features associated with NFTs. The detailed chapter on NFT use helps users to understand the potential of NFTs across multiple industries.

5. Introduction to NFTs: Non-fungible tokens online class

Here, participants learn how to monetize their creations through NFTs on a blockchain channel. It talks about the core principles of non-fungible tokens and explores their future across industries. Detailed information on the real-life use of NFT for industrial benefits is taught to the learners. The certification highlights the complexities related to NFTs so that developers can understand the real-world challenges. A certificate is given to learners on successful completion of the course.

6. NFT Crypto Master Class: Buy, Sell, and Create NFTs

This detailed course gives insights into each and every aspect of NFTs. Students get basic information about NFTs, their features, pros, and cons, etc. Learning about designing NFT and trading them safely is an important part of the curriculum. It also draws a comparison between various NFT platforms so that learners can make an informed choice.

7. The Complete NFT Course- Learn Everything About NFTs

The Complete NFT Course- Learn Everything About NFTs deals in everything related to NFTs including blockchain technology. The curriculum explores all the basic principles of NFT creation, minting, storage, and trading. One also gets a chance to learn about smart contracts and processes to connect NFTs with IPFS storage in this certification.


The thought to choose NFT as your next crazy collectible might have passed you several times while reading this content. So, don’t shy away from this urge. You are now well aware of the 7 top-class certification courses that can teach you everything about NFT prior to making any investment. These courses are offered online so you can take them at your convenience. The decision to invest in NFTs should always be a well-planned and well-designed initiative to reduce risks and ensure sure-shot success in the industry.




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