How to Become a Blockchain Developer in 2023? A Complete Guide [UPDATED]

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In today’s job market, a career in blockchain engineering is both lucrative and promising. As blockchain technology gains traction across multiple industries, it is becoming increasingly important to have a skilled workforce in this field to demonstrate its true impact. So, if you look forward to becoming a blockchain developer, 2023 is the right time to do so.

Wondering why? This blog will explain:

Why Should You Become a Blockchain Developer?

The various applications of blockchain technology are still in their early stages, and given its vast scope, it will be an ongoing investigation. In such a scenario, you might feel overwhelmed to find a path to success in this technology. But with an advanced blockchain education and the right skill sets, you will have a track to follow.

In India, there are over 4,500 open positions for blockchain developers, and in the United States, there are over 11,000 open positions. This information is based on an examination of Indeed and Glassdoor. Pay is one factor that may entice you to become a blockchain developer. In India, a fresher earns around 6 lakh rupees per year, while in the United States, a blockchain developer salary can reach $120,000.

So, do you want to learn more about how to become an expert in this field? Find out the answers below:

What Education and Skills Do You Need To Be A Successful Blockchain Engineer?

Multiple sets and combinations of coding languages, as well as proficient knowledge in data, finance, and other fields, are required for various job opportunities and projects. However, learning everything at once sounds very overwhelming. Every aspiring blockchain developer will benefit from an advanced blockchain engineer certification.

1. Begin With The Fundamentals

Before diving into the heavy stuff of deep coding skills, blockchain tools, and platforms, you must first comprehend the technology in its entirety. It is critical to understand how blockchain works and the various terminologies associated with it. Understanding terms like decentralization, smart contracts, proof of work, cryptocurrency, and others will provide the foundation for future learning. It is preferable to invest additional time and effort at this stage to ensure a thorough understanding of evolving technologies and the impact of blockchain on other industries.

2. Key Coding Language Expertise

To excel as a blockchain developer, you must be well-versed in key programming languages used in blockchain projects. Javascript is one of the most commonly used programming languages in blockchain projects, accounting for approximately 50% of all projects. Solidity is another important language that will give aspiring developers a leg up. Python, Java, and Clojure are the other main languages used to build the majority of blockchain projects around the world.

3. Understanding the Architecture of Blockchain

To understand what blockchain is and what it can do, you must first understand its architecture. Going over enterprise blockchain platforms and their whitepapers will help you better understand these concepts. You will come across terms like a consensus, hash functions, and so on, and it is best to be familiar with them ahead of time.

4. Expertise in Cryptography

Blockchain is all about security and invulnerability. Furthermore, cryptography ensures that blockchain networks are impenetrable. It is the branch of engineering concerned with active and intelligent opposition. Being a cryptography master will improve your blockchain development skills because you will be able to encrypt decentralized records, which is the essence of blockchain. The two main cryptography algorithms used in blockchain are asymmetric key algorithms and hash functions. Learning and practicing these skills is the foundation for becoming a successful developer in this field.

How Can You Learn More About Blockchain?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information security can provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed to launch a career as a blockchain engineer. Several colleges now offer post-graduate diplomas and bachelor’s degrees in computer science with a focus on blockchain technologies. Other than that, many accredited organizations offer advanced blockchain developer training. So, choose wisely and step ahead to a lucrative career.



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