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Revealing the Complete Mechanism of Consortia Projects

The development of blockchain technology first came into the limelight In the year 2007. Throughout the next few years, it continued to gain more attention and interestingly, it’s still growing. So there are three main categories of blockchain systems -private, open, and consortium. The first two are easy to understand but you might need some guidance on the latter. So let’s deep dive into the mechanism of a consortium blockchain technology.

A Simple Overview of the Consortium Blockchain

Simply put, this network is a mixture of public and private blockchains. This semi-decentralized blockchain network perfectly meets the challenges faced by its ancestors (public and private networks). Let’s discuss those challenges first.

Anyone can participate in the open transactions happening on a public blockchain, Whereas, only one single organization, or person can validate the blocks on a private blockchain. Interestingly, consortium blockchain is a hybrid of the public and private versions.

So What is the Effectiveness of the Consortium Blockchain?

Basically, multiple organizations can access this network but still, the access is not open to the public. This particular blockchain technology works based on permission instead. So that way it is also similar to the private network.

Let’s define it this way- a consortium blockchain includes multiple private chains and those are managed by multiple organizations. Each organization can manage one or more projects and they only have the authenticated right to read, write and send data.

How Does the Consortium Blockchain Work?

To understand how does consortium blockchain technology works, You need to keep reading this blog. Though the platform seems to be quite similar to a private blockchain, they are different. Ask how?

Well, there is only a single organization on a private network and you have a centralized entity. However, on the consortium blockchain platform, multiple organizations can work together on a project.

Without spending much time on jargon, let’s discuss the characteristics of consortium blockchains below:

  • Unlike the public network, consortium blockchains give access to the members only. Plus it is easy to access because the number of nodes is very limited.
  • The feature of multi-party consensus allows the proper verification of all the operations. That’s why the platform is more controllable than the public and the private ones.

The biggest benefit is that no organization can practice any illegal activities while using the consortium platform. Every other organization operating on the platform can keep track of it.

But the whole concept actually helped multiple enterprises to collaborate. Since there is not a single authority on the platform, all the organizations can work together.

The users can all contribute to the network and get some credits. Undoubtedly this is the best for everyone because a collaborative environment makes room for more innovation and exposure. Let’s check out a few more benefits of this blockchain technology in this guide.

The Wonders of Consortium Blockchain Platform

  • Let’s talk about the speed first

Well, an experienced, skilled consortium blockchain developer always offers the fastest output while building the network. Usually, public blockchains work slowly because of the excess number of users accessing them simultaneously.

But a better and faster experience goes without saying when you are using consortium blockchain. This permission platform always lets you control the number of active users at a time.

  • The scalability of this platform

There is no report of scalability issues on the consortium blockchain. Why so? Well, the answer is simple. A consortium platform controls And validates the number of nodes. So, you can’t just join the network and access the transactions without any authentication.

Moreover, A selected node is always there to maintain the speed of the platform. That’s why you don’t face any delays in the transaction processes.

  • Reduced transaction costs

Let’s talk about the low transaction cost, another cool advantage of the consortium blockchain technology. For example, when you are using the public network multiple users join that and slow down the operations. Naturally, the transaction fee Fluctuatets at a.Very fast pace. Since the consortium platform regulates everything. The cause remains the same no matter how many active users are there on the Network.

  • Reduced energy consumption

A consortium blockchain developer designs the solutions while keeping sustainability and users’ need in mind. Unlike the public network, decentralized blockchain keeps it on the low side. Mainly the algorithm is less complicated and that’s why controlling the energy consumption is easier.

  • Blocks all kinds of criminal activity

Everybody wants to stay far away from the hackers while working in a collaborative environment and a consortium network assures that. As only authorized persons can use this platform, there is no room for criminal activities.

  • Let’s talk about the types Of blockchain consortiums


Basically, this type of Consortium solves the issues of the supply chain, banking, healthcare, and other industries. They deal with commercial purposes only instead of offering open-source platforms.


Primarily, technology-focused blockchains deal with the solutions developed with technical standards. The best examples would be the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the hyperledger blockchain.


Dual-focused consortium is a fusion of technology and business versions. These consortiums offer an open-source platform suitable for any kind of niche. Additionally, they also provide a wide range of commercial products.

Wrapping it up

To Conclude, consortium blockchains are highly effective for all types of businesses. So, it’s quite easy to integrate them if you are looking for an innovative solution. However, remember implementing any new strategy takes up time and resources. Though learning about blockchain is no rocket science, you still need sufficient knowledge and expertise before Stepping into the world. The expert says it’s always best to opt for a cryptocurrency certification consortium program when you are new to the concept.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to learn blockchain, you better opt for a renowned, research, and training center.

We regularly post important information on blockchain certification and its benefits. For more useful information like this, you have to keep coming back to our blog page Frequently.



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