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Top 7 Bitcoin Lending Platforms in 2022 | Best Crypto Lending Platform

Can you name one of mankind’s latest and most revolutionary inventions? We bet the answer would be Cryptocurrency. The era started with Bitcoin (still being the frontline with an increased number of buyers) and rapidly evolved into hundreds of them present today. So, before you start looking for how to learn crypto trading you need to know about the crypto lending platforms first!

Buying Bitcoins alone is never enough to earn a lucrative interest. Instead of just storing your coins in your bags, start trading or lending those for interest. Currently, crypto lending platforms are quite in the hype.

Become A Bitcoin Professional by Lending Your Coins!

The blockchain platform and cryptocurrency have already revolutionized many industries and the banks are no exceptions. The crypto lending platforms have been around for quite a long now still it is unknown to many users. Let’s talk about the topmost crypto lending platforms and how do they work.

How Do the Lending Sites Work?

First of all, you need to find a suitable Bitcoin lending site and that you can get from this article. After finding the platform, you need to open an account (for free) with the lending site and that takes less than ten minutes. Most lending platforms will ask for your ID proofs like passport, national ID, or passport.

Basically, the crypto lending sites deal with all the complex technical factors of crypto loans. So, using an authentic platform will highly reduce your risk of getting scammed. But the only problem is that the number of crypto lending websites is constantly blossoming. It might be challenging for you to choose a suitable one to use. Let’s address that in this article, outlining seven Bitcoin lending apps for you to use in 2022.

1. BlockFi

It has become one of the fastest-growing lending platforms in 2021 for providing the best interest rate and having already raised more than 50 million USD. In 2017, Zac Prince and Flori Marquez founded the platform together. Not only Bitcoin but BlockFi also deals with other crypto coins. The best part about using this platform is that it has no limit on how much you can deposit. However, blockchain professional feel that their withdrawal fees and varying interest can improve for better days.


This particular crypto lending website mainly aims at keeping your fund safe. It is one of the best cryptocurrency loan platforms right at this moment. Are you wondering why? Well, the biggest advantage is the absence of registration and KYC. Though the whole process is anonymous, it is equally safe. There are a few descriptive mechanisms that look after this platform’s security. Plus, CoinRabbit also beats its competitors because of having big names like Guarda Wallet, DigiByte, NANO, ChangeNOW as the parent companies.

3. YouHolder

Let’s move on to the swiss-based company that is also a member of the Crypto Valley Association. Founded in 2017, YouHolder has become one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin lending websites today. The rapid pace at which this platform creates users’ accounts and processes the transactions shows how much the developers value user satisfaction. Another unique feature is that YouHolder has a demo fund where a user explores different cryptocurrencies and finally decides whether to borrow or lend a currency that will be profitable or not.

4. Lendabit

If you are looking for one of the safest lending sites in the industry, Lendabit will be the one. Founded in 2019, this website has become a very trusted, secured, and reputable platform to learn crypto trading. The seamlessness and safety of using the lending site mainly depend on their partnership with BitGo and their implementation of cutting-edge technology. While being in partnership collaboration with BitGo, this lending site also offers peer-to-peer loans. Though the interest rate is usually between 5 to 15%, new users can benefit from a no-interest rate for straight 45 days after joining.

5. Salt Lending

Developed in 2016, SALT is pretty different than the other crypto lending platforms. This next-gen leading website has a very catchy tagline like “hole your assets, spend your cash”. It means that you don’t need any bond or insurance to use the SALT lending platform. This website supports multiple cryptos like ETH, BTC, DASH, TUSD, LTC, etc.

6. Nebeus

Nebeus is a UK-based lending platform that performs just like a regular bank but deals with cryptocurrency. This platform aims at reducing the gaps between regular financial assets and cryptocurrency. The best part of using this platform is that users can deposit their crypto assets without any limit and enjoy 0% interest on quick loans for three months.

7. HoldNaut

This mobile-friendly app features a special calculator that lets the user set up the terms of a loan deal before making a deposit. Junato Zhu and Simon Lee, the developers of this app, created it with a vision of enabling users to trade their crypto assets safely and earn easily by using this platform.

Wrapping It Up: Is Bitcoin Lending Safe?

As a bitcoin professional would agree, good lending platforms that have stringent tools and security measures to secure your loans, are worth a shot! Still, if you are unsure of the security factor, you can always take up a crypto trading course from Blockchain Council, a proactive group of enthusiasts who are transforming this platform with extensive research, case studies, and development for a better future.




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