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Top 8 Crypto Firms That Are Currently Hiring

Cryptocurrency trading is ruling the present economic market and it offers more than just selling and buying. Though the initial days of crypto started with Bitcoin, currently, blockchain technology is booming and all set to transform multiple industries.

So, there’s never been a better time to get into the market when plenty of lucrative opportunities are there for job seekers.

Have you been looking forward to a similar opportunity? Have you just finished your blockchain course and received the certification? It’s high time you step into the crypto industry to gain experience for a lucrative and promising career. So, without further delay, let’s look at the top eight crypto vacancies open for this month!

  1. Remote Protocol Analyst at the Tinkering Society

With its budding popularity in the business world, the crypto world has opened lots of career opportunities, and guess what’s even more amazing, you can work from anywhere! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect job?

The Tinkering Society, a fully remote crypto R&D firm, is making all the success with a team of five software developers and two analysts. Currently, they are looking for at least two more software developers and multiple protocol analysts to work for the potential niches in DeFi.

2. Remote Blockchain Engineer at

If you are searching for a job in the crypto world and still don’t know about BlackDragon, it is a well-established venture capital organization that invests in DeFi. Notably, this decentralized firm has names like Thorchain, Chainlink, Near in its investment portfolio.

Who doesn’t want to be a part of this booming agency to enter the crypto world with a bang? Fortunately, BlackDragon is looking for an efficient Blockchain Engineer to level up their investment platform. If you have excelled in your cryptocurrency course, here is your chance to grab a position with lots of scopes to prove yourself.

3. Remote Global BDM at Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance belongs to the top twenty-five DeFi platforms worldwide and presently has a fund of over USD 1.3 billion. The primary agenda of this firm is to connect LP lenders and borrowers and create additional liquidity in the market.

Furthermore, Alpaca Finance is on the verge of expanding its business. Therefore, they are looking for a global business development manager who can identify potential opportunities and new partnerships. If you are looking for the freedom to work from anywhere at any time (they are hiring across time zone) this job is for you!

4. Remote Senior Web3 Engineer at Metamask

Being one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets, Metamask serves as a browser extension and gateway to most Web3 applications. With more than 10 million users, it is only growing at a rapid speed. Now, the team is looking for someone familiar who has at least one year of experience working as a QA Engineer.

5. Remote Blockchain Manager at Stardust

Stardust provides a cloud infrastructure platform to other blockchain companies to create and manage different games and NFTs. While game developers focus on creating the game, stardust looks after the NFT and blockchain layer.

Currently, stardust is searching for a blockchain engineering manager with more than five years of engineering record and two years of blockchain developing experience. If you have done your blockchain certification from a renowned training center, that would be a brownie point!

6. Remote Solidity Engineer at UFO Gaming

Both NFT and crypto gaming are gaining popularity with passing days. As a result, more and more job vacancies are also opening. For example, UFO gaming is having a vacancy for a senior solidity engineer who can work on their virtual metaverse, P2E games, and NFTs. If a small yet fast-paced team, serving the community with the creations of blockchain games, grabs your attention, you might be the right fit for this job.

7. Remote infrastructure engineer at Coinme

The Coinme team is large enough to make a difference but focused enough for individual voices to be heard. It means that it offers an environment where everyone can grow. They aim to be the globe’s biggest cash to crypto network and for that, they are looking for a senior infrastructure engineer. The best part is that Coinme offers several employee assistance programs, health insurance, and a forever remote work opportunity.

8. Remote Business Development Manager AnRKey X

AnRKey X is another Web3 company that aims to merge eSports with DeFi, Yield farming, and NFT. To make their visions come true, they want to hire a business and partnership development manager who has a minimum of three years of work experience. Plus, you need a deep understanding of the blockchain industry to work with such metaverse and gaming companies.

Crack your Dream job today!

While the pandemic situation has forced many businesses to shut down, the crypto space is offering many employment options. Both the big companies and small startups are posting lucrative (mostly remote) job offers regularly. It is your chance to enhance your skills by enrolling in a renowned training center like Blockchain Council and pave your way for a brighter future!



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