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When we think about the past two years of our lives, all we can remember is the dainty visual of being locked in our homes away from our family members, friends, and people we love. The pandemic crisis was a tough time for all of us, however, we managed to sail through it successfully. We not only survived the situation but came out as stronger beings than ever. Amid the struggle, we found ways to enhance our potential, expand our knowledge, and sharpen our skills. As a result, technological advancement emerged as one of the core areas of the expedition for tech experts around the world. Interestingly, 2021 gifted us with a new wave of the Internet called ‘Metaverse.’

Metaverse opens the door to a virtual space that is more interactive, intuitive, and collaborative for Internet users. It is not limited to traditional technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality but expands its scope to avant-garde tech solutions. As the Metaverse industry continues to grow, there is a rise in job opportunities in the field for tech enthusiasts. Learning the basics of Metaverse technology through dedicated Metaverse certification courses and then honing skills in the related subject can help you fetch a good job in the sector.

The list below highlights the various Metaverse jobs you can take up to expand your earnings. Take a look:

  1. Blockchain Engineer

Push your engineer brain and get ready to earn some quick bucks for yourself. The work of a blockchain engineer is to implement and create a digital blockchain solution for enterprise ecosystems. They are usually involved with data service firms or tech consultancy entities. In Metaverse, a blockchain engineer will help create robust blockchain solutions aimed toward an improved virtual space experience.

2. Research Scientist

As we moved towards a more interactive Internet phase, we found new job opportunities in the AR and VR space. Becoming a Metaverse research scientist has become a top trend amongst the Millennials. These researchers are responsible for creating the core infrastructure of metaverse applications/solutions. They do not have to emphasize creating basic models for real-use cases rather they need to focus efforts on providing the necessary infrastructure for building the Metaverse cluster.

3. Metaverse Planner

The Metaverse Planners play a significant role in building a brand from scratch or a mere idea. They design a robust portfolio highlighting the opportunities available in the market space. Metaverse planners need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends to help their clients identify growth opportunities, set future targets, design roadmaps, etc.

4. NFT Strategist

An NFT strategist will study and analyze the industry patterns to provide an insight into the potential opportunities and threats. They need to have in-depth knowledge about the Metaverse blockchain realm. Finally, the strategists will chalk out plans to integrate NFT modules, infrastructure, solutions, and other crucial factors.

5. Metaverse Safety Manager

The duties of a Metaverse Safety Manager are complex. First, they have to analyze the situation and predict future threats. A Metaverse safety manager works closely on security-oriented elements and systems. Finally, they prepare robust solutions as a countermeasure.

6. Cybersecurity Expert

Metaverse cybersecurity experts are professionals who restrain potential attacks on systems in real-time. They make sure that the Metaverse projects duly consider the laws and protocols. An experienced cybersecurity officer can build a solution that can detect the risks involved in the Metaverse project.


The world of Metaverse technology unleashes a new phase of the Internet where people can expect anything and everything. It is an innovative resource that helps users interact in a virtual space while enjoying real-world aspects. If you are willing to hone your skills in Metaverse and get a good job, then Blockchain Council’s certificate courses can help you in a big way. The courses are designed to offer subjective and practical knowledge to the participants through blockchain technology training conducted in a lucid structure.



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