Blockchain and Hashing Technology

The fundamental part of blockchain technologies are hash functions. If you understand hash functions ,you can understand the related concepts more easily.

Blockchain and Hashing Technology

What is hashing?

To get an output of a fixed length we use hash functions,It will not consider the length of the input given.Hashing function is executed with the help of a hashing algorithm.

How Hashing Technology used in Blockchain?

To write new transactions into Blockchain we use hashing and it is a mathematical process.We must ensure the following features to consider a hash function as a secured one:

Even if we execute the same input multiple times ,the output or hash should be same.It should produce the output quickly. It should be impractical to find an input ’A’ from H(A).There should be a huge change in the hash with small change in the input .There should be a unique value of hash.

Data structures

Pointers and linked list are mainly two data structures used in Blockchain.The pointers also store the hash value of the previous block including the address.

Blockchain is a linked list in which each node stores a hash pointer and a data header.

Mining process

This process is used to add new blocks tot the Blockchain.If it is a valid transaction, the miners add the transaction to Blockchain.Instant creations of more hash functions can result in the collision of hashes.

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