BCIO Store Opening Contest: Get 50 BCIO Tokens!

Jun 11 · 2 min read

Dear BCIO community,

This time, we are happy to announce the opening of our online store: https://store.blockchain.io/, which has all Blockchain.io supporting goodies. We strongly believe that it would bring you a closer approach to Blockchain.io and give you a chance to spread your interest and your love with Blockchain.io to everyone.

To celebrate this special occasion, we came up with a new contest: Share a photo of Chainy to get 50 BCIO Tokens.

How to join:

Step 1: Buy a Chainy. You can buy the Chainy from our online store: https://store.blockchain.io/

Step 2: Take a photo of your Chainy in front of the interesting and beautiful place where you live or travel.

Step 3: Share your photo on your social media (Instagram/Twitter) and don’t forget to put the hashtag #chainywanderlust.

Step 4: Send us your social media accounts’ link to the email: shop@blockchain.io

NOTE: Make sure to use the email that links to your blockchain.io account. In case you do not have Blockchain.io account yet, you will have to create one here: https://trade.blockchain.io/signup, so that we can send you the BCIO Tokens.

Main contest rules:

  • The limited submit of each participant is 1 photo.
  • The photo needs to be in a high resolution and have a standard dimension of each social media channel.
  • The hashtag #chainywanderlust must be put in your post description.
  • Blockchain.io community member having won a Chainy before June 2019 can participate but are eligible for 25 BCIO Tokens.
  • If the quality of your photo is not good enough or if our team does not find any special thing/place/monument… next to Chainy, you will not be eligible to receive the BCIO Tokens.
  • The contest will close by August 31st, so all the people participating after that date will not be eligible to receive the BCIO Tokens.
  • If there will be more 10 contest participants on August 31st, we will pick the winners randomly.


50 BCIO Tokens for the participant who has the Chainy photo that meets the requirements mentioned above.

Enjoy and good luck to everyone!


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Your Gateway to the Internet of Value

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