BCIO Token officially launch in less than a week

May 17, 2019 · 2 min read

Dear Blockchain.io supporters,

New milestones have been achieved on Blockchain.io during the past few weeks. After integrating with success the BCIO Token on our exchange, time has come to list officially the BCIO/BTC pair!

🎊 “When is the Big Day”?

On Thursday, May 23, at 10:00 am UTC (midday in Paris), the BCIO/BTC pair will be officially listed on blockchain.io exchange. Every user will be able to trade the BCIO Token!

📌 You have contributed to the BCIO Token Sale, what is the process to get your BCIO Tokens?

Each step of the process to get your BCIO Tokens is explained in this article. Please do it as soon as possible: when the process is completed, it will take a few days to get your BCIO Tokens!

📌 What is the point of the BCIO Token?

The BCIO Token allows you to trade on the blockchain.io exchange with discounted trade fees. We will send you a cashback refund (a percentage of your trade fees) at the end of each month. The more BCIO Tokens you hold, the higher percentage of your fees you will receive as cashback. In a few months, the cashback will be instantly credited to your BCIO account when you make a trade.

BCIO Tokens give you voting rights to express your needs about the blockchain.io roadmap and the next features you want to see on our exchange.

📌 How can I be sure the BCIO Token won’t go down when officially listed on blockchain.io?

Our Token Sale contributors deeply believe in the Blockchain.io project. To encourage them to hold their BCIO Tokens on the long term, we created a BCIO HODL Program: they will get a 60% bonus if their BCIO Tokens balance never goes below the amount they invested in the blockchain.io Token Sale.

As a reminder, the Bounty participants will receive their BCIO Tokens 2 months after the official listing of the BCIO/BTC pair.

Moreover, market makers will sustain the BCIO/BTC pair as soon as it is officially listed on the blockchain.io exchange.

📌 What will be the listing price?

The listing price will be the same as the sale price during the Token Sale: 0.7 EUR.

For assistance email us at support@blockchain.io or use our chat.


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Your Gateway to the Internet of Value

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