Dear BCIO community,

It’s the second week of our weekly competitions and with that comes our second contest! And what better contest than a “Mascot” one! I mean, who doesn’t love mascots? Have you seen the adorable Dogecoin, Nyancoin, and PandaCoin mascots? If you haven’t, check them out here.

Great mascots can serve as a powerful branding tool. Just look at the Dogecoin meme and how recognizable it is on the internet these days. It’s practically everywhere!

We love creativity, transparency, and engaging with our community. And we also believe that giving our community the opportunity to create’s mascot is a wonderful way to connect with it.

If you are looking for some pointers for where to begin — please check out our logo and the color scheme used throughout our website. We are looking forward to seeing some of your creative entries!

Main contest rules:

  • Mascots should be BCIO-oriented;
  • Each contestant can submit multiple MASCOT ideas;
  • You can use any Graphics Software as long as your submission is provided in PNG, JPEG, JPG, or PDF file format;
  • Only submissions using copyright free material will be accepted;
  • Fraudulent behavior and submissions will be disqualified from this content and all future contests!


Our marketing team will carefully review each submission and pick the 5 best creations! Top 5 will each receive a goodies package that includes a BCIO cap and some stickers! In addition, Top 3 will receive our brand new t-shirt with the official Mascot!

  • 1st place will receive 500 BCIO tokens. In addition, we will publicly announce the winner and their profile! The winning Mascot will become the new official mascot and will be used to design our T-shirts and Telegram Sticker Packs, and will be shared over our social media channels!
  • 2nd — 300 BCIO tokens;
  • 3rd — 200 BCIO tokens; and
  • 4th to 5th — 100 BCIO tokens each!

Please fill out this submission form.

Good luck!