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Dear Community,

After the Token Sale closed on October 25th, 2018, we are pleased to announce that we successfully deployed our official smart contract. A new milestone has been completed and we will soon be able to distribute BCIO tokens to ICO contributors.

Smart Contract Address

The smart contract was successfully deployed on November 26th, marking the official birthday of the BCIO Token.

Here is the official BCIO smart contract public address: 0xCDC412F306e0C51e3249B88C65423Cd16b322673

Smart contracts with different public addresses claiming to manage BCIO tokens are not affiliated with project and are likely to be scams.

You can access the smart contract on EtherScan through the following URL:

We also registered the following custom URL to safely redirect to the official smart-contract:

The Generating Transaction

During the deployment of the smart contract, 100 million BCIO tokens were created. BCIO Token is not minable, which means that new tokens cannot be created and the total supply is finite. You can check the generating transaction on EtherScan.

The Burning Transaction

All unsold tokens during the Token Sale must be burned. Consequently, we’ve burned 52,518,208 BCIO Tokens, bringing the total supply down to 47,481,792 BCIO Tokens. You can check the Burning transaction on EtherScan.

Vesting Period for Team & Advisors

Tokens for the Team & Advisors have been locked in vesting smart contracts. Vesting periods are detailed below:

● Advisor tokens will be vested over a year with 3 months cliffs

● Team tokens will be vested over two years with 6 months cliffs

What’s next for Token Sale Contributors?

We’ll start the KYC process once platform has been launched. Token sale contributors will receive an email detailing the procedure to receive the tokens. Please remember that passing KYC is required to receive your tokens.

Thank you for your patience in this ongoing and exciting journey. We can’t wait for the tokens to be released and for seeing the first transactions on platform!

Would you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or join the discussion on our official Telegram.

The Team

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