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Developed by Paymium, a proven platform with a trusted team — Paymium is a fully compliant Bitcoin exchange, founded in 2011 and operating hack-free since 2013 (a seasoned tech team, over 170k users, over 2M€ in VC fundings including Xavier Niel’s Kima Ventures and Newfund).

European Union — Concentrated effort in Europe, where the crypto market is largely still in its infancy. As of today, the EU lacks a fully-compliant crypto-exchange with a proprietary token.

Regulated and Secure Environment — An EU (French) legal entity operating out of Paris, now assisting EU and national regulators (the French AMF) on the new and upcoming crypto-exchange EU regulations and seeking to become a regulated broker-dealer (to list security tokens).

Institutional Friendly — Inspiring the credibility, with the appropriate licenses, required to assist EU blue chip corporations in the planning and execution of a crypto strategy ranging from tokenization to ICOs and token listings.

Decentralized Settlement — Pioneering cross-chain atomic swap protocol, inspired by Tumblebit, optimized for real-time trading purposes.

Open to US Accredited Investors — Form-D filing with the SEC.

Launching in November 2018 — With many coins/tokens and with BCIO token trading a few weeks after launch to ensure appropriate liquidity.

0.1% Maker & Taker trading fees with up to 100% discount for BCIO Token holders is live, to start trading click here!

💬 Dear community,

Over the past few months, our team has been working hard on developing our exchange platform. We have achieved some key milestones such as releasing a MVP, building a team of 35 strong crypto and trading experts, and growing a vibrant community… yet this is just the beginning!

We are now pleased to announce the terms of our Token Sale.

The Team

Terms of the Sale

  • Total BCIO token supply: 100 million
  • BCIO Tokens for sale: 55 million
  • Token reference price: 0.70 EUR (~0.82 USD)
  • Hardcap: 20M EUR (~23M USD)
  • Currency accepted: BTC or ETH
  • Minimum buy-in: 100 EUR equivalent
  • All unsold tokens will be burnt
  • Vesting period: Team tokens vest over two years with 6 months cliffs and Advisor tokens are vested over 1 year with 3 month cliffs

Residents from the following countries will not be allowed to participate in the Token Sale: American Samoa, Ethiopia, Guam, Iran, Namibia, North Korea, Pakistan, Palau, Samoa, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, US Virgin Island, Yemen.

Token Sale Calendar

The Token Sale collection platform will be launched 2 weeks prior to the start of the Token Sale. You will be able to sign-up and process your KYC before the Token Sale begins.

Here is the updated Token Sale Calendar:

  • Week 3October 11, 6:00 am UTC — Token Bonus: 5%
  • Week 4October 18, 6:00 am UTC — No bonus

The Token Sale will end on October 25, 6:00 am UTC or once our hardcap has been reached.

Token Allocation

Token Sale Contributors

Tokens sold to private and public investors


Tokens paid to third-parties who contributed to the ICO Process


Tokens to incentivize each member of the BCIO team

Marketing & Ecosystem

Tokens to reward supporters, external contributors, crypto traders, developers, influencers and partners


Tokens retained by to facilitate daily operations and provide liquidity for market making and proprietary lending

Use of Proceeds

The funds raised will be allocated as outlined above into the four categories of:


Most of the funds will be allocated to marketing with incentive and development programs to build an extensive user base. We aim to reach one million users within the first 6 to 12 months.


25% of total funds raised will be used for operational expenses, including Liquidity Services and the implementation of a high-quality 24/7/365 customer support platform.


25% of funds will be allocated to platform design and exchange feature developments such as: high performance order matching, margin trading, decentralized settlement, peer-to-peer and proprietary lending, and more.

Other Expenses

The rest of the funds will cover expenses pertaining to legal and administrative expenses.

Token distribution and exchange launch’s exchange will launch in November 2018, right after the Token Sale ends. Following this, BCIO tokens will be distributed several weeks later in December 2018 to ensure there is adequate liquidity on the exchange platform before tokens are distributed. In the meantime, a beta version of our exchange will be released to the public before the Token Sale begins for any users who would like to test out our exchange. is live, to start trading click here!

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Your Gateway to the Internet of Value - The cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors.

Your Gateway to the Internet of Value

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